Castbox Has a Highly Educated

Global Audience

Podcast listeners are affluent, educated, and highly mobile, making them the ideal target audience for most advertisers. Over 83% of our listeners have some college education and higher. Castbox has over 2 million daily podcasts users in over 135 countries. We offer affordable sponsorship packages for all of our original programming.

Podcasters tools: become a castbox original

Castbox Originals Help You

Reach Niche or Wider Audiences

Castbox Originals are all about creating innovative programming, on underrepresented niche topics or a wider audience depending on your goals. From true crime fans to mindful meditators, sponsoring an Original can give your brand a way into the right market.

get reached to niche audiences with castbox

Compelling Branded Content

Want to go beyond traditional podcast advertising? Our team of creatives can help your brand conceptualize, produce, and distribute original podcasts that reach and engage your audience, week after week. Advertise your brand through podcasts!

go beyond traditional podcast advertising

Connect With Us.

With over 18 million downloads and a growing library of Original content, we want to help you reach your advertising goals. For advertisement inquiries, contact us at

reach to niche audiences
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