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Author: Maurice Clarett, Cory Gregory & John Fosco

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Business & Biceps is a podcast for entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be better. It is not for the faint of heart. Though you may not always like what you hear, it is the truth. We provide direct, off the cuff advice and life stories that will benefit anyone looking to become better at what they do. Hosted by three serial entrepreneurs who have experienced incredible highs and brutal lows, Maurice Clarett, Cory Gregory & John Fosco. We take you through the process of identifying and applying the building blocks of what it takes become a better and more effective person. Business & Biceps is a podcast that stands out from the crowd.
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On today's show, John explains that actions have consequences and you can't just run your mouth and expect nothing to happen. Cory shares 3 things he has learned from both John and Maurice. Maurice is on The Honesty in Business Program. In the main event we dissect the value of time and why successful people won't just offer theirs up to you on a silver platter.  Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, SHARE the podcast with a friend, leave a 5 STAR RATING and a positive comment on iTunes! This episode is brought to you by CommonBond. CommonBond is the place to go if you are looking for a student loan or looking to refinance your current loans. They save the average customer $24,000!! Go to and check out their refinancing page to get yourself out of debt quickly! This podcast is brought to you by LinkedIn! You already know LinkedIn as the world’s largest professional network but it is also the BEST place to find great talent or that dream job you’ve been waiting for! LinkedIn is the number one place for professionals to find the best jobs and for employers to find the best talent. 70% of the US work force is already using LinkedIn. It is the place for find the best possible talent and they want to offer you the chance to find that job or person for a fraction of the cost. Go to to receive a $50 credit toward your first job post! If you are not using LinkedIn for your hiring needs, you are missing out!

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Comments (22)

Jeremy Vezey

the best show out there

Feb 20th

gordon flores

man these podcast give my morning routines much added value. thank yall for being real af without the filter.

Feb 15th

Jonathan Kahana

good shit guys. Keep it up

Feb 7th

Jeremy Vezey

need more... you guys are great... best part of my drive...

Jan 23rd

Darian Richardson

Hands down, best episode of the year!!!!

Jan 8th

Tron Kraft

great podcast lots of good information. keep up the good work guys...... for some reason Apple won't let me leave a review .. but apple died with Steve jobs

Oct 31st

Trudy Lynn Corporon

I found this awesome podcast Business & Biceps on Give it a listen.

Oct 15th

Chris Dewey


Sep 24th

Ashley Ingram

hell yeah. this podcast is fucking awesome

Sep 20th

Nicholas Alexander Furst

not all lobbyists are bad! find a cause you like to support get engaged with grassroots groups, connect with your elected officials develop an authentic relationship and do your part for the democratic legislative process. see one click politics dot-com to see more! love your guyses show nic f

Aug 25th

Nate Anglin

Fucking love this. Each one of you three bring a whole different perspective and that's what makes this so great. When I hear and see everyone on the podcast learning while informing all of us, it really assures me that this is what I should be spending my "free time" doing.

Aug 16th

Owen M James

Annoying 'alpha' dudebros desperate to cover their feelings of inadequacy and to prove themselves by showing off.

Aug 5th

minombre esnada

Owen M James My thoughts exactly.

Dec 9th

Manuela Medina

Great, but can you please try not to scream that much😭

Jul 18th

Caleb Cline

Go get that house Maurice!! These guys can be such a great influence in your life if you let them. I love listening to my favorite recent episodes (Just do it, easy doesn't exist, living intentionally) over and over when I travel. I have a frequent 8 hour drive I make and listen to the guys for most of the way! The new episodes in studio are on FIRE! Love the content and it challenges me every day to work on getting better and working harder. Keep em coming boys!

Jun 1st

Maurice Sawyers

Dumb gas heads

May 27th


Maurice Sawyers what r u doing? I wanna get on your program

Jan 6th

Trent Loutsch

Gentleman, I've just listened to the episode from April 1st, and wanted you to know that you are catching me literally on day 3 of turning shit around at 29 years old, and I'll remember the name Business and Biceps throughout this whole new journey whatever it is. Cheers fellas!

Apr 18th

Jacquey Kiernicki

you guys are hilarious! Just do it... today is my argument with everyone!!! Thanks for articulating it!

Apr 12th

John Ahumada

Jacquey Kiernicki bizbis

Apr 29th

23LBJ SupremeKing

this show rocks

Mar 26th

Steven Inspire

some cool episodes

Mar 7th
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