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Host Kelly McEvers takes a story from the news and goes deep. Whether that means digging into the Trump administration's past, the stories behind police shootings caught on video, or visiting a town ravaged by the opioid epidemic, Embedded takes you where the news is happening.
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Julie Nance

This is so depressing. I REALLY hope Amendment 4 passes! The voter suppression is horrible... we don't need Russians to screw with our elections- Republicans are doing a fine enough job on their own.

Nov 3rd

Jeannette Sanchez

One of my favorite podcasts. I love the hosts, it's just such a quality program!

Nov 2nd

Jasmin Pitt

why does this podcast skip SO much?

Oct 14th

Diane Grillo

I was on 40 mg of opana 2x a day with oxycodone as breakthrough meds up to 4x a day for about a year or so. I didn't have an issue because I wasn't looking to get high. I wanted to be pain free. No offense but these people would be on Any drug they can find because it's about the high, not pain. I am a product of the 70's and then it was heroin, tuinals, seconals etc. I lost over 20 friends to overdoses in 2 years. These people had an addiction to being high and the more they did the more they needed. I went to a board certified pain doc and brought pill bottles every visit. So those who go to pill mills want to get high and will seek out any drug that serves that purpose. Don't blame Opana. I got off opana and the oxycodone quite easily after my surgeries under doctor supervision. These medicines are for those in extreme pain and saved me from going crazy from pain. You are only showing the perspective from the drug addict and ignoring the fact that for many people it can be a lifesaver. when you don't have to crawl to the bathroom anymore because a medicine is finally working it is a blessing. So until you walk in their shoes or nine you really don't have the correct understanding of what it's really all about. thank you for reading this

Oct 13th

Derek Camp

Diane Grillo Opana isn't the problem. The company that makes it is the problem. The doctors they bribed into perscibing large amounts to people that didn't even need to be on it in the first place is the problem.

Dec 6th

Mathius Johnson


Sep 17th

John Chen

So afraid this would have a bad ending.

Aug 7th

Toni Diane

skipping all over the place.

Jul 4th

Daniel Bain

I normally like this podcast and it's host, but "The Redline" episode is sickening. It's official, the left is so anti-trump, it's now a fau pa right.

Jun 29th

Dallas Dalton


Jun 26th

Aryn Byrd

I totally love how you can sense the immersion of this reporting from the way the reports somewhat take on elements of the accents of their subjects

May 17th

Michael Mayer

me my I'm not

May 16th

Jijumon M

fascinating series! I'm not even from USA but this is just so interesting to listen to.

May 12th

Michael Rockwell

Thank you thank you thank you..

May 12th

Jessica Groven Lara

I agree. MORE!

May 11th

Jijumon M

I'm so glad this podcast is back!!

May 4th

heather lankford

I hate that they get you totally hooked.... then just poof, disappear. EVERYTIME, with no warning. It's no to be continued, or we're going on hiatus. Just... amazing reporting, then it's like wondering if Trump's People had them silenced 2 episodes in. WTF

Mar 10th

walter tobin

very interesting

Jan 27th

Amanda Peters

i wish this podcast would return. i found it you be well investigated and reported and i really enjoyed listening. hopefully they are only recording more episodes and it wool be back some time soon?

Jan 21st

Dillon Decoteau

I've been patently waiting for the next podcast

Nov 20th
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