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Radio Drama Revival is dedicated to showcasing the diversity and vitality of modern audio fiction. Now in our 12th year!
153 Episodes
Episode 540 - StarTripper!!

Episode 540 - StarTripper!!


Feston Pyxis is no space colonist. He's just a goofy space ex-office-worker trying to live his best tourist life by making a travel blog . . . IN SPACE! Join us this week for delighting in The Whisperforge's goofiest piece of audio fiction, StarTripper!!And hey, wanna chuck some bucks thataway? You can find StarTripper's Patreon thisaway: And wanna chuck some bucks OURaway? Well shucks, we love bucks. You can find our Patreon thisaway:
It's a conversation about soap snow (snoap), Marvel's best genius, religion, masculinity, and so much more. This week, David interviews Meghan Fitzmartin, the creator of Red Rhino!You can find Red Rhino here: can find Meghan Fitzmartin here: you can support us here:
Episode 538 — Red Rhino

Episode 538 — Red Rhino


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's . . . A TROUBLED TEEN! That's right folks, this week, we're showcasing the first two episodes of Red Rhino, a work of superhero teen drama brought to you by one of the minds behind Supernatural. Like what you hear? (Us too.) You can find their Patreon
Boooooorn in the Middle Earth! This week, David interviews the wonderful Christian T. Kelley-Madera of The Once and Future Nerd. Topics include fantasy racism, power structures, dialects, confronting obstacles whether you're ready or not, and, of course, Bruce Springsteen.Support TOAFN on patreon: US! on patreon:
Portal fantasy! Social commentary! Elves with Antebellum accents! This week, David showcases The Once and Future Nerd's first two episodes and his Middle English chops. This podcast about a group of teens who wind up in a high-fantasy realm is as hilarious as it is cutting and satisfying.The Once and Future Nerd is on Patreon, and they're trying to get to $500/episode by the end of March. Let's put 'em over the top:
Join David in Host Emeritus Fred Greenhalgh's yurt--sorry, YAWFT--to hear the story of how Radio Drama Revival was started. It's an episode of friends new and old, of what audio fiction is and can be, and what exciting changes we have in store.Joining us this week, and for ever after (hooray!) are Wil Williams and Elena Fernández-Collins.Wil:
Ayla Taylor, the director of Tides, convened a panel of audio dramatists during 2019's PodCon—but this EXCLUSIVE EVENT wasn't *at* PodCon itself; no, no!It was held at the marvelous Ada's Technical Books and Cafe in Seattle's Capitol Hill. Only about 40 people could squeeze into the space, so with everyone's permission, we are bringing YOU this super secret panel, because information deserves to be FREEEEEEEE.This event, entitled "An Evening with Audio Drama Creators", featured the following speakers:Ayla Taylor of Tides ( Stanton of The Whisperforge ( and Levar Burton Reads ( Bridget "Bridge" Geene of Tides and Arden ( Alvarez of Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services ( Jordan Cobb of Here be Dragons ( and Janus Descending ( Oliva of What's the Frequency (, Greater Boston (, and many more,and Jeffrey Gardner of Hartlife NFP (Our Fair City [] , Unwell [] )Settle in for a fabulous longform conversation about audio fiction.Special thanks are due to Betsey Palmer of Hartlife, who recorded this entire dang thing. You're my hero, B.
Back in November, friend of the show Jeffrey Gardner convened a roundtable of critics and creators in the audio fiction space:Elena Fernández-Collins of Audiodramatic and the Bello CollectiveWil Williams of Wil Williams Reviews Prof. Sarah Montague of Stories on Stage Mischa Stanton of The Whisperforge Paul Bae of The Black Tapes and The Big Loop Jeffrey Gardner of the forthcoming podcast Unwell and me!Check out our conversation about the state of the industry! Also, a song about beef.
Episode 532 - Morgan Givens

Episode 532 - Morgan Givens


David interviews the fascinating and eclectic Morgan Givens. Topics include the genesis and central message of Flyest Fables, Black, trans, queer/nb voices in SF/fantasy, the role of music in Flyest Fables, the inspirations for Morgan's character voices, his experience at Transom, his time with the DC police and Just Detention International, hopepunk and hope in general.
Episode 531 - Flyest Fables

Episode 531 - Flyest Fables


David rings in the new year with Morgan Givens's one-man show, Flyest Fables, bringing new context to high fantasy! If you thought you'd heard it all, you'd be wrong, folks! Prepare yourself for a journey you will not soon forget!
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Ari Neto

The story is awesome but the host of the show is annoying as hell. Him just going "AaaaAAaaA" at the end killed the whole vibe of the story.

Apr 17th
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