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Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan

Steve McNair: Fall of a Titan

Author: Sports Illustrated

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July 4, 2009. Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair is found murdered in his Nashville condo. After just four days of investigating it was ruled a murder-suicide. But what if it wasn’t? Over the course of this nine-part series, we’ll guide you through the McNair case, reviewing the findings and re-examining crucial details in a new light.
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Chinchilla Jesus

awesome pod... must hear

Dec 31st

Tim Nagel

no one in this area believed the murder/suicide story but Nashville Metro PD was so matter-of-fact about it. Thank you for this podcast!

Nov 11th

Byron Easley

I still can't believe Steve was done like this

Nov 10th

Stephen Bak

This is my exact thought about Jenny. Did they do a GSR test on her to confirm she in fact did shoot the gun ? Also with Two shots to each temple was the same gun used? did they check the bullestics. These two questions make or break the Murder-suicide theory.

Nov 9th

Kevin Sumner

they didn't check Jenny or the ex boyfriend for gun powder residue to see if they shot gun recently?

Nov 8th
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