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Tactical Talk sounds like nothing else. Who hasn’t wanted the chance to hang out with the real life warriors who can do Jason Bourne and James Bond type stuff?

And here’s the thing…how would you ever find these guys to buy them a beer and hopefully hear a story or two? They excel at all things covert and the most talented operators tend to be incredibly humble, true to the code of “quiet professionals” – so it will definitely not be obvious that they are, who they are...folks in the business of protecting the United States and impossibly good at it.

Well, now you know where to find them. Every week, you’ve got a seat at the table. From Special Operations ultimate tactical professionals through to 4-Star Generals and Admirals, host Allison Barrie will introduce you to a line up of fascinating warriors who you need to meet.

So what do these guys talk about when they hang out together? Download to pull up a bar stool and find out.
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Jaw-dropping courage. Extraordinary perseverance. Astonishing resilience. In the lead up to Veterans Day, we’re zeroing in on a WWII story that deserves to be just as well-known as Pearl Harbor…and yet few know it. Hook yourself up and pay tribute with us to those who gave everything for our freedom. Join Allison and veteran Jacob Dahl served in 2nd Ranger Battalion. He took on the Bataan Memorial Death March extreme marathon (Heavy Ruck Division) - a remarkable feat - to recognize the surviving veterans and those who we have lost from this time. Known as one of the most difficult marathons in the world, it honors those incredibly brave warriors who against overwhelming numbers and firepower, while starving and often suffering from crippling malaria and dysentery, cut off from the US military… they resisted the Japanese invasion to stop them from reaching the US west coast and invading our homeland. And then continued to suffer beyond imagination for another three years as POWs were subjected to staggering brutality at the hands of the captors in a merciless environment. They are truly a lesson to us all. Hear firsthand about this remarkable “Death March” event held in the desert terrain of the White Sands Missile Range (famous for nuke bomb testing and now missile tests). Between the sheer scale, the heat, the elevation making just breathing far more difficult, the scorpions and tarantulas, running on the terrain of sand and other threats, about 25 percent become casualties during the Bataan Memorial Death March. Find out about how Army Rangers compete for the honor of paying tribute to these brave souls. The Battalions, and other parts of the military, put forward their best men to participate. Go inside this unforgettable tale when Japanese forces invaded the Philippines – but the soldiers hung on and defended the crucial islands for seven more months starving, ill, wounded and isolated. The “Bataan Death March” followed when the Japanese marched about 75,000 soldiers across 65 miles of jungle, scorching heat – carrying the wounded and Japanese supplies. Too slow for the Japanese? Couldn’t keep up the crazy fast pace because of wounds? Soldiers were bayoneted, shot, decapitated, buried alive, sometimes tortured and beaten to death – to name a few of the ways lives were lost. By the time they reached the camp, more than 10,000 had been killed en route. Once there, the soldiers endured about three years of unspeakable, staggering brutality in the POW camps. Known as “the Great Raid,” US Army Rangers pulled off an amazing raid to liberate those brave souls. Don’t miss the chance to hear an inspiring Ranger from this generation provide his insights on this chapter of our military history, share his experiences with the veterans of the Bataan Death March and provide his secrets to conquering extreme challenges. Make sure not to miss Jacob’s MRE recipes and gladiatorial battle with a giant, ferocious camel spider in the middle of a dangerous mission.
Bears. Bows….and deploying cats as a crafty tactic in war. These are just a few of the many surprising twists and turns in today’s episode. If you’re curious what life for modern day gladiators in their downtime, then this episode is definitely for you. Hang out with Army Ranger Hayden Treu. He hails from Texas and takes us with him on missions in the Middle East through to the backcountry of Washington state for some wild hunting expeditions. This is a deep dive inside the world of the elite Rangers. Traditions, inside jokes, pranks – and the serious stuff too. Hayden had the privilege of serving in Ranger Recon so you’ll get to hear all about how those special skills and hardcore training has helped him as a hunter. Find out some of these techniques you can use to enhance your hunting too. Hayden takes you blow by blow through a face off with a giant bear – in fact nearly record breaking in size…just off by a smidgen. Learn about some awesome places he has come across in his adventures that would be next level for your next outdoor exploration – for mountain climbing, hiking, camping, hunting and just kicking back with a cold beer and enjoying a gorgeous spot. Get hooked up with his top tips for bowhunting and if you’re into elk hunting he has some special particular tips for that too. Hear about the Ranger advantage in tracking and borrow some of those ideas for yourself. Make sure you do not miss finding out how Taylor Swift pops up with the Rangers in the war zones. How is she on a ride along and why? You’ll have to download to find out.
Medal of Honor recognizes conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. This week you have the privilege of joining a certified bad ass as he takes part in a historic and very special weekend at USAF Special Operations. Hang out with Major Chief Master Sergeant Cal Markham who takes you behind the scenes of a phenomenal air show and more. You’ll hear the remarkable heroism behind this medal of honor – the courage and selflessness will inspire you and ignite you to be that best version of yourself. Cal inspires by example as well. After 9/11, he was the first Airman in Afghanistan as the CCT as the Army Special Forces Team – the famed “Triple Nickel.” Cal gives you very special access into what it was like for the first Americans infiltrating enemy territory to respond to 9/11. He also gives you a unique look into the life of USAF Special Operations guys. Go inside and experience the highs, the lows – not to mention the humor there. Blow by blow, hear about a very dangerous and daring rescue of a downed aircraft in impossibly hostile conditions. Find out about the brave dogs that serve alongside the elite forces. Hear about the real-life Mission Impossible type missions and skills USAF Special Operations guys train for and use. Don’t miss hearing Cal describe some of the creative pranks guys get up to and the incredibly creative things they McGyver to make their remote, primitive “homes” more homey out in war zones. Learn about how freshly baked bread can be a powerful force unleashed in war and much, much more.
The Unseen Side of Jungle Warfare w/ Special Forces
Black mambas. Giant Soldier Ants. Bee swarms. This week’s episode is taking you inside jungle warfare in ways you’ve never seen before. Loads of unforgettable adventures in this hour. Hailing from Special Forces, Brian Hueske is a phenomenal storyteller so you will feel completely immersed alongside him on missions. Find out the sorts of missions that Special Forces bravely and nobly undertake in foreign jungles. The SF guys have to survive not just bullets, but dangerous animals seemingly around every corner. Learn how they were saving children from lives as child soldier slaves to stone cold, brutal warlords. Along the way, you hunters and outdoorsmen + women will particularly enjoy hearing about the interesting tracking techniques in the jungle that Brian learned from the exceptional native trackers. Find out about the mysterious church they found in the middle of the jungle without a human for miles. Shifting gears, Allison makes sure to ask Brian some of your questions and hook you up with insider tips on the art of max-ing your fitness and life, while doing less. Learn how SOFLETE builds unbreakable warriors. Part of the secret is training them as elite athletes – but they also need to be able to perform a range of skills in every imaginable terrain on Earth. Strength isn’t enough – they need endurance, flexibility, agility, speed, explosive power and more. Brian reveals two of the biggest mistakes people make. And find out the three things SOFLETES do that you can use too. They will help to improve your fitness, but also your performance in the things you love to do outside whether it is scuba diving or rock climbing or anything in between. And make sure not to miss the icebreaker about roadkill deer – it is a must hear. PS...check out Teddy Bear Nite Nite - you're going to need to add that to your arsenal. 
25th Anniversary "Black Hawk Down" - Legacy + Hulk Smashing Like a Commando
Hulk Smashing in real life. Mega Chainsaws. Winter Warfare. This episode covers a whole lot of ground taking you all around the world. You also get to dig deep into the art of blowing things up -Commando style - with guest Ed Priest. In fact, one of Ed’s expertise is in blowing things up on a level that is mind-boggling. Ed served as a CCT in an elite military unit. On the ground, he would work with fighter jets and helicopters armed with the world’s most powerful weapons. In dangerous firefights, Ed would direct the aircraft where to drop their bombs on the enemy. He takes you inside how it plays out while in the midst of a battle. Back by popular demand, Ed also answers some of your questions for you! He hooks you up with the ultimate gear lists for everyday survival, the 3 things to survive anywhere + more. On a serious note, this week is the 25th anniversary of events made famous in the “Black Hawk Down” movie. We have been deeply honored to have two perspectives – Brad who was a Ranger there, and Ishmael who was a PJ responding to save lives. [If you missed those episodes, please go back and download. Such a privilege to get to spend time with these guys. Humbling to hear their firsthand insights. You won’t have the privilege anywhere else.] Ed shares with us a third perspective. What happened after? What impact did the remarkable heroism + professionalism have on the guys to follow? What impact did the events + how the enemy behaved have on our training? How was it used to learn lessons that would save lives in the future and enhance the incredible capabilities of the elite military units? Ed shares his perspective and much, much more on today’s show. This is a two parter – Ed will be back w/ more bombs, bullets + explosions in the second half. Not to be missed.
Stronger. Faster. More Powerful. More Agile. Endless Endurance...what’s the secret formula to forging the absolute best warriors? The best athletes? The best version of your fitness self? Today’s episode reveals the secrets that take any regular human and transforms them into the extraordinary. Today we’re hanging out with Navy SEAL Jeff Nichols who served more than 10 years in the SEAL teams with many deployments around the world. He’s an expert in Human Performance – literally how to make the human body perform beyond what others think is possible. At a Naval Special Warfare Command, he was Human Performance Department and the operator delegate to Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for Human Performance. Jeff’s going to reveal the solutions he figured out to ensure Navy SEALs outperform in missions – and not just SEALs but ALL the Special Operations guys…(Rangers, Special Forces, Raiders, PJs, CCTs and more). These are solutions anyone can use to achieve their goals. Here’s the best part –with his methods, you get to do way less –  but you still get the maximum results. He shares his top tips on preparing for selection for special operations. And he also reveals the biggest mistakes most people make that you should avoid, the 4 best things you should be doing and much, much more. Are you ready to defend your loved one? An innocent victim you come across? Are you confident you have the power and strength to do so? Jeff hooks you up with the one simple exercise anyone can do to ensure they are powerful enough to defend someone if you need to. And you definitely don’t want to miss out on discovering the adorable, cuddly little – utterly surprising – animal that decided to join a SEAL mission and how that mission suddenly became even more dangerous because of the new animal teammate.
Strike with the Force of a Navy SEAL
NASCAR. Today's guest is Sean Matson who served as a Navy SEAL for many years. He's now a very successful entrepreneur. We join Sean in his truck en route to a NASCAR race with a team in the truck who will be a surprise.  You're going to hear about a rattlesnake incident worthy of Indiana Jones. Find out why Sean was drinking tea from gold-plated tea cups and the reason you won't see coming. Today you also get to go inside dangerous missions, astonishingly brave moments on the battlefield and what it is truly like inside assault helicopters. Sean will have you laughing out loud when he takes you through the pitfalls of night vision goggles...when they can cause the most unexpected of things to happen. Its a shocker. Strike Force is an amazing energy drink - far better than Red Bull and Monster. Sean teamed up with his partner Bruce and they now help ensure that special operations guys around the world have the energy they need during their relentless training, deployment and missions tempos. Awesome news- it is available to the public now too...and Sean hooks you guys up with a special adult beverage recipe using it so head on over to our insta and FB to nab it. Allison asked Sean to be our first episode because of the amazing stuff he and his company has done to help with the hurricane aftermath in North Carolina- don't miss the story and his perspective as boots on the ground. It will inspire you to no end.
Exclusive look inside the brave response by Californian first responders to the horrific terrorist strike on a Christmas office party in San Bernadino. This week's very inspiring guest Ryan Starling, SWAT and firefighter, takes you with him as his team is practicing active shooter response's in the morning through to blow by blow of how the heroic response to the crisis went down. Hear chilling details of the evil plot and find out the techniques these office workers used to save themselves from the shooter. Do you know the 3  things you must absolutely do to have the best chance of survival in an active shooter situation? Do you know the tricks that terrorists will use to defeat your barricades? And how to stop them? In today's episode, you'll learn all this and much much more. Learn the simple techniques civilians used that day to instantly become heroes that you can easily use too. Ryan also immerses you in what life is truly like for our nation's bravest ready around the clock to respond to crisis and save lives. What's the most embarrassing song these fearless warriors have on their playlist? How does music help Ryan crush it saving lives and slaying in Crossfit? When you see those armored vehicles roll by with fierce SWAT ready for action...what tunes are they listening too inside? And who gets to pick the tunes? You're going to hear about life for these American heroes in ways you've never heard before. And for you not miss out on Ryan's top tips for the ultimate workout and maximum results. He shares his secrets to becoming the fittest firefighter on the west coast, how he trained to reach #5 in the world and the secrets to his prep for crushing it at the upcoming Crossfit Games. Make sure not to miss Ryan being honored in the 5.11 series Quiet Warrior where you can hear more from this fascinating, humble hero who makes selflessness and commitment to excellence a daily way of life.
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