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The TED Interview

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Head of TED Chris Anderson speaks with some of the world’s most interesting people to dig into the provocative and powerful ideas of our time.
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Colin M

This is the definition of a softball interview. To listen to her responses and accept them at face value can only be done by a person with almost zero understanding of both the religious texts and the geopolitical environment of today. She obfuscates at every opportunity and flat out lies many times. I understand wanting to defend your religion and being forced to bend the truth at times to do so, but she gives ZERO responsibility of the failings of Islam to the religion itself. This was very frustrating to listen to, I continuously found myself hoping the interviewer would call her out on the most egregious of her lies but alas, he just accepted them with a timid "that's interesting"

Nov 10th

Scott Zhang

love this show!

Nov 7th

Rosalyn Blaylock

She reminds me of this beautiful Islamic woman I met recently from Kuwait while on a cruise. Dalal!!! Such a beautiful and wonderful soul. This was truly an inspiring talk! Thank you.

Nov 6th


enjoyed the podcasts! can't wait for more episodes.

Oct 31st

sara sue

love this podcast. This was so enlightening for me on different levels though i don't believe in magic yet i believed in so many points and will do things differently. Thank you.

Oct 21st

Nan Peterson

I found this interview to be empowering. LG articulated the grief process in a way that resonated with me and gave me words for my feelings. I will definitely be listening to Ted Interviews in the future.

Oct 21st

Miigaa Sedjav

Thank yoiu

Oct 20th

Donna Klein

Just discovered this podcast. Love these girls. Good content too.

Oct 18th
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