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Get a daily burst of global illumination from The Economist’s worldwide network of correspondents as they dig past the headlines to get to the stories beneath—and to stories that aren’t making headlines, but should be.

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After co-ordinated bomb attacks that killed hundreds, Sri Lanka is reeling. But if the government was so consumed by internal struggles as to miss warnings, how can it respond to the devastation? We take a look at global efforts to contain corruption, drawing lessons from Brazil’s sprawling Lava Jato investigation. And, a visit to what will be the precise geographic centre of the European Union—if and when Britain leaves.
Marrying too young has lifelong effects: on a girl’s body as much as on her education and career. We explore what is behind a sharp decline in child marriage in parts of Ethiopia. There’s an ancient-clothing trend in China that is mostly goofy fun. But its ethnic overtones may soon worry the Communist Party. And, a chat—as well as a hard-fought match—with Africa’s first World Scrabble Champion.
Easter weekend is a busy travel time for the many people who celebrate it. If you’re lucky, it means some time off work. But you might be unlucky, and travel through a terrible airport (we talk about the world’s worst). Or perhaps you’ll splash out and take one of the many sleeper train services that are cropping up (we discuss why train travel is such a draw, particularly for artists). Or you might get stuck in traffic (we visit the places where traffic jams are seen as opportunity rather than nuisance). Safe travels!
Today the report by Robert Mueller, the special counsel who investigated Russian links to the Trump administration, will be released—mostly. What lies behind the redactions, and what investigations are still to play out? Politicians have dabbled in comedy for decades, but comedians who take up politics are an increasingly potent force. And, why Pakistani citizens don’t much mind that their local doctor might be a total quack.
Joko Widodo, the incumbent president, is expected to win today’s vote, after a people-pleasing term tackling the country’s infrastructure. But there are worrying signs about how Jokowi would continue to rule. As a herd of “unicorns” stampedes toward stockmarkets, their business models don’t look so sure-footed. And, a battle is heating up as hotpot, a spicy Chinese dish, spreads globally.
Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, was already battling the flames of national protest when fire broke out at the Notre Dame cathedral. Will the tragedy, and Mr Macron’s leadership, bring the country together? America’s armed forces often don’t know how many civilians are killed in its air-strike campaigns—but that’s changing, thanks to help from some of the Pentagon’s loudest critics. And, the Trump administration’s cancellation of a deal for Cuban baseball players won’t stop them making their way, perilously, to the big leagues.
The world’s largest democratic exercise is under way. Prime Minister Narendra Modi looks likely to win on a divisive platform about Hindu nationalism and Pakistani aggression—even if those aren’t voters’ biggest concerns. Social-media companies are increasingly under the microscope of regulators; we take a look at the seemingly intractable problem of policing online content. And, pole-dancing is trying to shed its seedy image. But can it also develop into a global sport?
A protest movement that began in December at last brought Sudan’s military brass on board. The country’s cycle of dictatorship and democracy may be repeating itself. Bitcoin just turned ten, but it’s still far from fulfilling its promise to upend the financial system—we examine its fundamental shortcomings. And, the human family tree got bigger this week, but as new data flood in the murkier the human-evolution story seems to get.
Britain now has a new Brexit deadline: the end of October. But those negotiations magnified divisions within the European Union that Brexit is revealing—and causing. We visit one of the Chinese towns whose governments are running social experiments, rating people and businesses on their trustworthiness. And, a chat with Dame Stephanie Shirley, a pioneering programmer since before it was a male-dominated field.
Binyamin Netanyahu looks set to win a fifth term as prime minister. How will his policies affect negotiations about some of the most contested land on Earth? Meanwhile in space, Israel’s Beresheet probe is set to land on the Moon—but the recent spate of lunar landings is more about national flag-planting than it is about science. And, how will economies adjust as the old increasingly outnumber the young?Additional audio courtesy of NASA. Additional music "Fanfare" courtesy of Kevin MacLeod.
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Apr 20th

Rishabh Sharma

Totally biased report

Apr 19th

Sarthak .chand

This podcast is biased and pro Congress. I am suspicious about the fundings here. In many ways the presentor deliberately undermines the economic development India had in last 4 years. Job issue is a fake agenda created by Congress and propagates foolishly by this podcast. My suggestion to the presentor : 1. Get you facts correct. 2. Look for information from independent and reliable news sources rather than cramming Congress manifesto which is the most corrupt government after Venezuela and Uganda. 3. Reveal your funding sources All the best. Your act of spreading misinformation will have less or very less effect on all the intellectual mass here. But, you will loose your little left credibility. In the ocean of information [Internet] you are a bad fish.

Apr 18th

Bethy Simony

thats great

Apr 16th

Karan Patel

problem with you guys are you see him as Hindutva person but he opens bank account of 90% indians, gave free gas connection to 8cr+ family, free medical treatment under AYUSH for 50cr people, giving benefits of 6000rs to 20cr+ kishans, subsidy of 2.5lacs for new home buyers. under his tenure home loan is just 8.5%, inflation is at 3.5%. all cast of people benefited by his policy. his schemes benefitted all hindus & Muslims. probably the first indian election where inflation is not a issues. still you foreign funded media term him as PM of Hindu.

Apr 15th

Joy Matwale

Karan Patel well, it is a good thing that you commented on this podcast because you've broadened the perspective

Apr 17th


Glad to have found this podcast, finally a nice way for me to get into news (previous outlets of news I tried getting into just made me turn off or apathetic - robotic fake delivery, cringe and propaganda). Liking the speakers voice and pacing. Nice length and summaries with insight & interesting background music . This is the how news should be done now. Cool branding and art that embraces truth and intelligence. Keep up the good work, lifetime listener from here on out.

Apr 13th

Julianna Adamkiewicz

We need to embrace people as they are . I consider myself gender fluid but of course it is difficult for traditionalists of grammar. If like in Germany we accepted the third gender we would be much better off. Our culture would be richer as gender fluid and trans people offer unique insights into human beings, being somewhere in the middle. In the Bible eunuchs are mentioned, so if a book written 2000 years ago can't change our view of historical convexities of gender we are wavering. It is time to be open to change! Look at African cultured where gender changes according to how many daughters or sons you have-nots and that applies to men and women. Just another argument for the complexities of gender identities.

Mar 14th

Faizan Ali Khan

You got an Indian to review the Pakistan /India situation. Not at all biased.

Mar 4th

Faizan Ali Khan

Pooja Singh hahaha.. petty comments by little minds.

Mar 8th

Pooja Singh

Faizan Ali Khan Maybe you people actually deserve such terrorists since you are so much in denial. that's why you're home to so many terrorist organizations. We'll find a way to block them. god bless Pakistan with such a mentality

Mar 8th

Maire Reier

I like this channel so much! great length and content!

Feb 25th

Satvika Khera

great episode!

Feb 23rd

Mal Keri

this is just an advert

Jan 28th
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