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Who the Hell is Hamish?
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Who the Hell is Hamish?

Author: the australian

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He was born Hamish Watson, a surfie dude from Sydney - but he could morph into whatever you needed him to be. Hamish is due to be sentenced to jail in early 2019 for swindling a handful of victims out of more than $7m. But these crimes are just the final pages in a resume too thick to staple; for decades he's duped victims in the US, Canada, Britain, Hong Kong and Australia. How did he do it? How did he evade authorities around the world for so long and what's he done with all those tens of millions of dollars he stole?
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Comments (10)

Ron Chidwick

Jesus have the guy you are interviewing pack in the hands free cell can't make out a word he was saying

Mar 12th

Bronwyn Fraser

This man is barely human. I hope the police do something and find the money!

Mar 12th

Krista Goat

brilliant podcast once again by the Australian. interesting and engaged from the first episode. what a creep Hamish was. I hope they lock him up and never let him out

Mar 9th


dude looks like a psycho.

Mar 8th

Cate O'Connell

What a F$&_+#g scumbag! BUT the old saying - "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" holds true here. Sad for the victims.

Mar 2nd

Siobhan McGrogan

Totally addicted.

Mar 1st

Sheree Abberfield

This makes me sick! Ruined everyone elses lives to live the fake life he wanted. Hope he is sent to jail and the key is thrown away!!

Mar 1st


Excellent well told Greg, most of all very sad what the cost of human deception on a mass scale without early intervention causes.

Feb 19th

Vanessa Bam Bam

great podcast. can't wait for the series to continue

Feb 16th

Lady Woo

Already hooked after one episode....again! This is shaping up to be a rollercoaster ride 😀

Feb 15th
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