DiscoverRelationship Advice177: Rebalancing Your Relationship
177: Rebalancing Your Relationship

177: Rebalancing Your Relationship

Update: 2018-12-128


Each individual has a role in a relationship. Maybe you take out the trash and your partner handles the dishes, or you're the primary caretaker of the kids while your partner is the primary income earner. Whatever your relationship roles, sometimes they get out of balance and create points of stress and conflict.

Listen to today's show to learn how to navigate these issues and rebalance your relationship.

  • How to address the issue of an imbalance through productive communication.
  • Why learning about yourself and your own insecurities is often a solution to relationship issues.
  • The importance of sitting down to discuss your needs and expectations.
  • How to address issues at the source and when you initially feel them arise.
  • And much more!

Lynn Reilly is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Master Energy Therapist and the author of the self development book, 30 Days to Me. Her expertise in understanding human behavior drives her passion to educate people on how to understand and support themselves to live a serendipitous life.

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177: Rebalancing Your Relationship

177: Rebalancing Your Relationship

Chase & Sarah Kosterlitz