DiscoverRelationship Advice188: Recovering After A Breakup
188: Recovering After A Breakup

188: Recovering After A Breakup

Update: 2019-03-066


A bad breakup can feel like your world is ending. Insecurity, fear and sadness are just a few of the many emotions we might feel. Listen to today's show to learn how to learn, recover, move on and find new love after a breakup.

  • Learn the importance of stabilizing your life and seeking support after a breakup
  • Why breakups can bring so much insecurity and sadness and how to deal with these emotions
  • Reflecting on your past relationship and moving forward
  • How to not get 'stuck' on an ex
  • Regaining your confidence and finding new love
  • And much more!

About Our Guest: Dalila Jusic-LaBerge is a licensed marriage and family therapist offering online courses, coaching and counseling to help people confidently embrace love from the right partner. 

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188: Recovering After A Breakup

188: Recovering After A Breakup

Chase & Sarah Kosterlitz