DiscoverThe Goal Digger Podcast191: How I Made $218,000 on Shopify in ONE Year
191: How I Made $218,000 on Shopify in ONE Year

191: How I Made $218,000 on Shopify in ONE Year

Update: 2018-09-2611


It’s been a little over a year since I opened my online shop: Shop Jenna Kutcher. It’s been a crazy, beautiful addition to my business and it’s been something I’ve been digging into as we’ve navigated this season of life because having an online digital store has been an incredible addition to my business for a few big reasons.

I love having our shop because:

1. I have created resources that have helped me that are now available for everyone to enjoy and use. Why hide all the templates and tools I had built for my business that had attributed to my success? It’s been awesome to say: are you struggling with xyz? I have a resource for this exact thing.

2. It gives me the chance to reach my people with offers that are more accessible for those not ready to take a course or not in a financial place to purchase a full course or system. I love being able to sell well priced products that can help change businesses and give people the tools that they might not be able to purchase elsewhere.

3. It is 90% automated and digital which means we can serve our clients quickly, it’s open and available all the time, and most of it is run through automation which means less work on our part to get people what they need and to deliver a good client experience without having to be attached to every single sale. Have you thought about starting a Shopify shop? Today I am going to walk you through how I've made over $218,000 in just ONE year.




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Shelly Stone

Fiance came in while I was listing to this episode. Who are you listening to? he asked and I replied with Jenna Kutcher! She's a self made millionaire and in one year on shopify she made about $218,000. His response was "Well why don't you get on your biz then!"

Sep 27th
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PLEASE READ: After publishing this episode it was brought to our attention that there is a great deal of controversy and damaging claims surrounding the company featured in this interview, LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe is currently under investigation and facing multiple lawsuits. Our intent on this show was to shed light on a different type of business model and how to successfully approach marketing in this space. While we support the actionable tips shared by our guest and believe they can be valuable for our audience, we do not support LuLaRoe. We hope our listener's takeaways are not focused on the company featured but focused on: Knowing your “why” behind anything that you do and letting it shine in all you share. How to stand out among the others selling your same product or within your industry.  Researching different opportunities that can help you spend more time with your family and loved ones. Approaching relationships not with the sale in mind but in truly being able to connect with other human beings on a heart level. Using your business as a means to serve others needs and not a place to constantly sell. Preserving relationships by being sincere with every interaction. The importance of creating a personal experience for your customers versus creating mass appeal. As always, we recommend researching business opportunities before entering them. We are privileged to serve the Goal Digger audience each week with inspiring stories and know the platform we have built comes with enormous responsibility. We heard your concerns, we're sorry, and we're grateful to have your continued support of the show.   GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY: GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM: GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES: 
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191: How I Made $218,000 on Shopify in ONE Year

191: How I Made $218,000 on Shopify in ONE Year