DiscoverRISE Together Podcast24: Are You Showing Up The Way Your Partner Needs?
24: Are You Showing Up The Way Your Partner Needs?

24: Are You Showing Up The Way Your Partner Needs?

Update: 2018-12-135


On this week's Rise Together podcast, we're going to talk about the roles and identities we each take on in a relationship and how despite our best intention of how we hope to show up well for our partner, what we think they want may not what they really need.

The roles and identities we as individuals in a relationship play evolve over the course of our partnership through stages and seasons of life. In a relationship that's interested in moving forward, letting go of who you are or who you were for who you'll become is something you need to work through and continually embrace, even as you're at times unrecognizable from where you started -- that's growth. Those changes show how a fluid you anticipates the needs of each other at specific times in life and in specific environments that surround you.

You'll only be able to show up in a way that makes the most of your collective strengths if you're combining your individual strengths with the individual needs of your partner in a way that's informed by regular, transparent conversation, and that anticipates how life or seasonal changes may require a pivot where you or they take on a new role to create the strongest team.

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24: Are You Showing Up The Way Your Partner Needs?

24: Are You Showing Up The Way Your Partner Needs?

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