DiscoverCrime Junkie46: MURDERED: Angela Savage
46: MURDERED: Angela Savage

46: MURDERED: Angela Savage

Update: 2018-09-2429


Sometime after dropping off her young daughter at the school bus, Angela Savage and her 6-month-old son were abducted. Angela's body would eventually be found on a dirt path near her home, having been assaulted, tied up and left with no shoes. Despite being a small community the case goes cold for almost 30 years until a strange incident connects Angela's murder to the death of another young girl and police are able to solve the case.
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Comments (3)


i LOVE this podcast! i only wish it was longer, about an hour. I love it that much! i want more!!! lol

Sep 26th

Jodi Bishop-Phipps

Interesting case! My first Crime Junkie Podcast - it is great! And you are local - I am in Indiana too!

Sep 24th

Lane DK

Jodi Bishop-Phipps have u heard of COURT JUNKIE? ohhhhh myyyy goodness.... wow. I'm not usually a fan of the true crime podcasts hosted by women... not bc I'm sexist, but it's simply that I have had such a hard time finding ones that are amazing... every since Serial, the only ones ive found that are amazing are Crime Junkie and Court Junkie... both are together probably in my top 5 true crime CURRENT podcasts. give it a listen. you'll love it if you love these ladies... of course, most true crime podcast fans, like yourself, have probably already found it lol... this comment was just an "in case/heads up" hot tip for ya.... lol. Anyways, I hope u enjoy it. oh and btw, if you hear of any hidden gems, feel free to hit me up too... p.s... also 74 Seconds is another awesome woman hosted one too... hell and gone is one also... enjoy!!!!

Nov 2nd
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46: MURDERED: Angela Savage

46: MURDERED: Angela Savage

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