DiscoverCrime Junkie51: CONSPIRACY: Women in the U.S. Military
51: CONSPIRACY: Women in the U.S. Military

51: CONSPIRACY: Women in the U.S. Military

Update: 2018-10-2233


In 2010, statistics came out that 120 female U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq had died. Half of those deaths were reported to be non-combat related. 30 those non-combat related deaths were ruled suicides, but there is evidence to suggest many of them may have actually been murders. 

In this episode, we dive into the case of LaVena Johnson and other women of the U.S. military who died very suspicious deaths during Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

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Tiffany Delozier

About eleven years agony enlisted in the Army (never made it through Basics and so much stuff happened in my life that I haven't tried again) and for about a year I would spend weekends with the soldiers that I would eventually be working with to try and get a bond started before I went off for my actual training. Well one day our CO called all of the new female soldiers into one of the meeting rooms sat us down and told us to our faces that we could be attacked and raped while we were ober seas. She had several male soldiers come in and even tell us stories about when they were over seas and saw the aftermath of some of the attacks. One of them even said that he remembered a whole group of women being brutally raped and beaten within an inch of their lives and that he believed that at minimum the guy's who did it wanted to put them in a coma at most they probably were hoping that they would be dead so that they couldn't testify against them. Luckily they pulled through but just the fact that they had to sit us down and tell us what could possibly happen to us was horrifying.

Mar 30th


Unbelievably brutal story.

Jan 14th

Holley Stiefer

So sad

Jan 3rd


Such a shocking story! thank you so much for covering this I cant imagine the daily anguish and frustration of the families. Thank you also for offering a way to help!

Oct 23rd








51: CONSPIRACY: Women in the U.S. Military

51: CONSPIRACY: Women in the U.S. Military

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