DiscoverCrime Junkie63: WANTED: Bradford Bishop // Yaser Said
63: WANTED: Bradford Bishop // Yaser Said

63: WANTED: Bradford Bishop // Yaser Said

Update: 2019-01-1418


This week, we have two stories for you of men who are wanted for killing their families. 
Our first story is about a man named Bradford Bishop, a man who, after not receiving a promotion at work, went home, and methodically killed his entire family. Officials believe he then fled the country and has been living out his days in Europe. 
Our second story is about a man named Yaser Said who is still on the FBI's 10 most wanted list for murdering his two daughters in the back of his cab. His daughter died while on the phone with 911 trying to get help, but they couldn't get to her in time. The FBI believe Yasser is now living in NYC and working as a cab driver. 

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48: EXPERT ON: Domestic Violence
In our last episode, we talked about Susan Powell who was a victim of domestic violence. Many of her friends talked about Josh's strange behavior and the recalled things that should have been warning signs. Today we talk to an expert on the topic, Ashley Bendiksen. She will tell us her story of survival, what signs to watch out for and how to safely leave a toxic relationship. Ashley Bendiksen is an acclaimed survivor speaker and award-winning activist, speaking and training nationally on the topics of domestic violence, teen dating violence, sexual assault, and bystander intervention. She also delivers motivational keynotes on resilience and leadership. Passionate about helping others reshape and redesign their lives as she once did, Ashley also offers coaching and consulting services for victims and survivors, and life empowerment coaching for women. Ashley’s professional background includes 11+ years’ as a speaker, a career spanning victim services, advocacy, and PR. She holds a B.S. in Administration of Justice, graduating as Valedictorian of her class - years after dropping out because of domestic violence. She also remains active on numerous boards and initiatives and serves as an Ambassador for several national organizations.-----Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and join our Facebook Discussion Group! You can also join our Patreon for even more episodes and exclusive content!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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63: WANTED: Bradford Bishop // Yaser Said

63: WANTED: Bradford Bishop // Yaser Said

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