DiscoverBetter Than HappyEp 181. Faith and Magic
Ep 181. Faith and Magic

Ep 181. Faith and Magic

Update: 2019-01-046


After achieving some mind-blowing goals in 2018 I decided to take a look at the 4-step process that got me there so I can utilize it again in 2019. Today I’m sharing that process with you to keep in mind as you set your goals. My most favorite part of achieving a goal is the part that requires faith and magic. I always leave lots of room for them and I know how to invite the magic in and keep it alive. Tune in to learn how to utilize these tools in your life to solve problems or rock your goals.
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I feel like I've been drowning the last 40yrs of my life. Suddenly there's this hand, light, gift that happened by...well I want to say chance, but I'm starting to think it was much more inspired. That hand that is lifting me, giving me breath to want to live and reach and well, be bold? Ms. Jody Moore. Even being a writer I can't seem to find the words sufficient to express my sudden relief that I'm no longer not enough, that I have life left in me to share and live and I've only just found her. I've joined her Be Bold Program and am going to claw my way to what my life will be. But daily I listen to her podcasts, because it is only enhancing the life I am now choosing to live and build. Thank you, from the depths that I've felt alone I already now feel hope kindling and I thank you.

Jan 17th
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Ep 181. Faith and Magic

Ep 181. Faith and Magic

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