Heal Your Liver 101

Heal Your Liver 101

Update: 2018-11-055


Medical communities are unaware of how many symptoms, conditions, and diseases are rooted in an overloaded liver. They also don’t understand the best way to heal it. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show for critical insights into how to support and heal your liver with what it really needs.
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Dana Kennington

This man is brilliant - he knows his sh** more than anyone I've ever listened to BUT you producers need to GET HIM AWAY FROM A FRICKIN MICROPHONE seriously he is sooooo passionate about healing people and the fact the gov is slowly killing us which I love him for - really- he just wants people to understand what's going on sooooooo incredibly bad but the man sounds like a crazy person. He needs to stick to books for Gods sake get him off the air NOW! He says on this podcast - Am I boring you guys? Oh God Anthony you are DEFINITELY NOT boring us you are creating a picture in our heads about how you actually gets thru the day without a freaking heart attack. He does not know how to get his message/point across in a calm, civil manner. He just doesnt. People commenting that hes redundant is a ultra understatement - they are just trying to be politically correct unlike me. I'm just saying what other people cant or dont wanna say or hurt his feelings. trust me I have a feeling Anthony doesn't get his feelings hurt very easily- he probably respects people who tell him what he already knows. I love you Anthony you are probly the most intelligent man I've heard on health and facts about everything inside the body but some people just arent good at public speaking- even over the radio/podcast/free speaking.

Apr 16th
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Heal Your Liver 101

Heal Your Liver 101

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