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Hone Your Morning Routine

Hone Your Morning Routine

Update: 2019-01-03


Hone your perfect morning routine! We are breaking down our morning routines and tools to make them happen. 
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Meditations: Kelly Howell, Tara Brach, Headspace, Loving Kindness
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Letting Go of Expectation / Discipline Pt. 3
Children are wonderful teachers. We learn so much about ourselves during the journey of parenting. When our kids do something that drives us crazy, it is an opportunity for us to look inside of us. Kids don’t trigger us, we trigger ourselves. This concept is mind blowing once you unlock the theory.Today we explore the concept of how this process of self discovery can free us from expectations. The word expectation often has a positive connotation, but today we will explore how some expectations might be more damaging than we think. As parents, most of us want our kids to be independent thinkers and strong, confident trailblazers. But at the same time, we don’t want them to develop those traits while in our own home, because that might conflict with our own agenda. This mindset creates trouble because we can’t expect our children to become independent the instant they leave the house at 18 years old. Many children get the unintentional message as children: be yourself, as long as that self is the one that we have chosen for you as parents. Our expectations for you are the only ones you are safe to meet. Today we explore the paradox that as we release our children from our rigid expectations (while still setting healthy boundaries and limits of course), we can truly engage with them in the present moment by using powerful intention.These two words, intention and engagement are the antidote for relationship damaging expectation. The books/authors we mention in this episode are:The Awakened Family by Dr. Shefali TsabaryElevating Childcare by Janet Lansbury This podcast is sponsored by Carma Project
Discovering YOUR Life Essentials
At the end of most days, do you feel like you are failing or succeeding? We will help you discover for yourself what is essential for YOU to become your best self and to feel like you are succeeding. Most of us spend most of our day doing important things, but miss doing the essential things that are truly aligned with our core values, and over time, will help us create our best life. Here are the steps to discover and implement YOUR essentials:1. Make 3 lists of the important things you do or would like to do in your day, separating them into 3 lists: Essentials, Super Important, and Good to Do. Then look at your lists again and move things around until the items left in your essentials are truly a SHORT list of things that help you become who you want to become. These aren’t classic to do lists; they are more like to BECOME lists. Our lists are below as examples of possibilities. Both of us have our Miracle Morning Routine on it, which centers on us taking time to connect with ourselves, with our goals, and with God. Our miracle morning routines includes Meditation (Silence), affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, writing (scribing.) It’s a good idea to write 2 essentials lists: one for yourself, and one for your stewardship/career. (We have one for us and for our kids.)**2. Make it non-negotiable. Think of something already non-negotiable in your life, and figuratively put into that same space. Eliminate decision making fatigue.3. Make a quick list of how doing these essentials over your time in your life will make you feel. Keep asking the question until you get to a feeling: happy? Peaceful? Content? Worthwhile? Take a minute to tap into that feeling NOW so you can come from a place of abundance. 4. Print of a year at a year at a glance calendar - and put it somewhere you will see it often. Taralyn’s is on her bathroom mirror. Mark off each day you do your essentials list. (We do one slash of an X for personal, and one for kids or career). The idea is to fill up as much of the year as possible, and not to worry when you miss a day. Over a year, a decade, or a life, all the days add up, and there is no such thing as all or nothing with this. any year at a glance calendar will do:) This podcast is sponsored by Carma Project
Morning Routines for a 30 day transformation
Taralyn’s morning routines. Meet Taralyn! My cohost for Find the Magic! She is sharing her morning routines in this insightful episode. Hone your perfect morning routine! We are breaking down our morning routines and tools to make them happen. Book : 1. My meditation I invite you to try for 30 days: 1. Gratitude Breaths: 3 super deep breaths, thinking of one thing you are grateful for per breath, 2. Loving kindness meditation: Picture someone you love in front of you, and take a deep breath, and imagine all of the cells in your body lighting up with love and awesome energy. Then, take a super deep breath in and exhale that love out to your whole home or building. Do that same thing with your city, state, country, earth, and universe (imagining the love coming back to you on each inhale and sending it out on the exhale). After you’ve done at least one breath for each of those places, just end with that love coming back to you and energizing you. 3. Mantra Meditation: take 5-10 deep breaths, repeating the word ONE in your mind. When your mind wanders, that’s great! Just come back to the word ONE and take a few more breaths.2. Exercise Tip: 7 Minute Workout App: it’s free and awesome if you want a quick workout:)3. 6 minute miracle morning, which anyone can do and it will transform your life even if you don’t want to spend more time! 1. Sit down with a journal, book, and timer. Spend one minute on each of the following six SAVERS: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, and Scribing.4. Document your state! Write down your current ratings on a scale of 1-10 of Balance (1 being totally unbalanced and 10 being perfectly balanced) and Contentment: (1 being not content with yourself or any aspect of life and 10 being perfectly content with yourself and your life). Do this now, and again at the end of 30 days of implementing a morning habit. See if there is a difference:)!Resources: Article on Meditation: to Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod: This podcast is sponsored by Carma Project
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Hone Your Morning Routine

Hone Your Morning Routine