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S1 E9: The Truth

S1 E9: The Truth

Update: 2016-10-2569


When Danny Heinrich confessed in court on Sept. 6 to abducting and murdering Jacob Wetterling and assaulting Jared Scheierl 27 years ago, investigators declared that at last, the public had the truth. But despite Heinrich's excruciatingly detailed accounts, the truth remains elusive. Many questions remain unanswered. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.
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A. Perkins

After listening to be podcasts I don't trust law enforcement to do anything right!

Apr 2nd

Tom Upton

l suspect Heinrich was abused as a kid

Feb 5th

Irma Rivera

They should of had him under surveillance 24/7. He would of slipped up at some point, he just can't resist.

Nov 19th


don't just blame law enforcement. what about the people who never said anything when they saw or felt something suspicious. if they all went to the police station to report, it would have been solved easily. Don't just sit at home discussing the issue, GET up.

Oct 27th

Lori Brooks

iMgenuine While I absolutely agree with you about reporting it isn't as simple as it sounds. 1. As a victim it is absolutely overwhelming to report that someone you know has hurt you. Yes I realize in this case it was a stranger that was the offender but I am a survivor and I understand why I felt like I COULDN'T report. I am also the mom of a survivor.. We did report and despite the fact that multiple times we have been to the police about the same person and the fact that her cousin was also raped by the same person. It has torn our family apart and still we have been told multiple times that there is no evidence and because of it being my daughter's father she had to go to him every summer for 11 years with her older siblings. When she hit 14 she finally understood the situation. The reason the #MeToo movement became so big was that the pendulum has swung from a point of view that assumes victims are lying to assuming that they are telling the truth. 3. There were multiple reports about the pedophile and murderer in this case. This failure lies squarely on the shoulders of law enforcement. While I understand that computer systems were not linked to each other there was no excuse for not holding him. They launched a NATIONWIDE campaign and still fucking let the murderer walk out of their custody.

Dec 7th

Megha Bhardwaj

there is no perfect crime, just failed investigations. A realistic look at the life of criminals processed through an unjust, justice system. I'd love to help research for projects that inform individuals of the practical notions of human behaviour. it's amazing.

Jun 19th

Katrina Osb

5%omg really bad

Jun 8th


Thanks sincerely Creative Commen!#The Mexican song! #metoYahoo!

Jun 5th

Edward Garcia

makes you think how many crimes go unsolved do to poor investigators

May 30th

Rocio Macias

this podcast is amazing. the story is so sad and tragic and will make you angry.

Aug 18th

Batman Scrayon

An excellent, sad, well-presented Podcast. 10 out of 10.

Jul 12th
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S1 E9: The Truth

S1 E9: The Truth

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