DiscoverIn the DarkS2 E8: The D.A.
S2 E8: The D.A.

S2 E8: The D.A.

Update: 2018-06-1237


After investigating every aspect of the Curtis Flowers case, we were nearly ready to present what we'd found to District Attorney Doug Evans. But first we tried to learn all we could about him: his childhood, his years as a police officer and his record as district attorney. Then, finally, we met the man who's spent more than two decades trying to have Flowers executed. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.
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Edward Garcia

How can he live with the lies he tells himself. That DA needs to stop lying.

Aug 27th

iM HoU

Edward Garcia politics is terrible

Oct 30th

Richard Ruper

Is there anyway that we can get the DA changed through a petition? This case is obviously been found guilty because of race... Good Luck Mr Flowers!

Jul 26th

Stormi Rockwell

Paul C He was never fired from the job though.

Feb 1st

Paul C

Richard Ruper race clearly plays a role in this case, although I'm not sure Curtis was targeted solely because of his race. I don't think he is guilty but he had a motive (being fired) so I think that's why Evans went after him. in Evans twisted mind he might truly believe flowers did it. There are many other documentaries and podcasts of clearly innocent white people being screwed by the system so it's not just a black problem. Breakdown season one podcast is just one example. Flowers had motive so he was the target in a case that had to be solved no matter what. Evans should be locked up for life.

Aug 16th

Ana Ontiveros

I'm really just left wondering how everything is going to unfold. You guys have definitely found several things that can really help Curtis and his case

Jun 17th

Kym Carter

Ana Ontiveros I wish I were as optimistic as u. What needs to change is the DA, Doug. This case sickens me. (not the podcast) Im praying for Curtis and his familia.

Jun 18th
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S2 E8: The D.A.

S2 E8: The D.A.

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