DiscoverThe ArgumentWhy Do Powerful Women Make America Panic?
Why Do Powerful Women Make America Panic?

Why Do Powerful Women Make America Panic?

Update: 2019-01-1012


The government shutdown continues as Trump and the Democrats battle over the border wall. Who is winning? Which side makes the stronger immigration argument? Ross Douthat, Michelle Goldberg and David Leonhardt debate. Later, they discuss why America is so afraid of female leaders, and why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes the Republicans so bananas. For background reading on this episode, visit

Warning: this episode contains explicit language.

Comments (6)

Lynnel Fletcher

Great podcast!... and yes, they are afraid..... and they SHOULD BE! (Insert evil laugh) 😂😂😂

Apr 19th


Oh for heaven's sake, no one cares about "powerful women". Such a tired old strawman. We hate AOC because she's an idiot. Everything that comes out of her mouth is unbelievably foolish. But I suppose that doesn't matter to people who think that it's "more important to be morally right than factually correct." What a garbage podcast

Feb 24th

Jason Huntley

Messdnys I also had an issue when the host added AOC's ethnicity into the mix. Conservatives don't care about her ethnicity, but him saying there must be a 4th reason and ethnicity is that reason is a problem. Democrats constantly need intersectionality to be an issue, whereas the majority of conservatives could not care less what color her skin is. Ross needed to push back at that.

Mar 4th

Seth Rowe

simple answer is they don't. we don't care.

Jan 23rd

Jacob Reeze

how is the premise legitmate? does Oprah make America panic? does the CEO of Ford make america panic? Janet yellen did the opposite of causing economic panic. powerful Democrat women may make conservative politicians and voters panic but thats obvious politics. If you keep writing grabby headlines messaging society hates women, than at what point do you exaggerate and contribute to that perception?

Jan 14th

Darcie Harris

I was glad to hear the topic of powerful women covered and I do like hearing from Ross as a same conservative voice. That helps me keep an open mind and not succumb to confirmation bias. I do think the content could be improved by limiting the use of the words "like" and "sort of." Perhaps that's a generational critique but overuse of that speaking style makes it difficult to take the speaker as seriously as she/he deserves.

Jan 10th
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Why Do Powerful Women Make America Panic?

Why Do Powerful Women Make America Panic?