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Castbox FAQs

In the upcoming Android version – v7.45.1, you can get:

1. Fixed crash bug and resolved battery drain issue.
2. Optimized search page, making it easier to find hot podcasts in different categories.
3. Added auto correction for search errors.
4. Added “Remember the filter settings” in the Channel Info page – Settings.
5. Optimized Android Auto functionality.
6. Improved speed of syncing subscriptions.
7. Stability performance improvements and bug fixes.

Castbox Premium is the paid version of the app with the following premium features.

a) No visual ads. You won’t see any graphic ads while launching the app or anywhere else in the app.
b) Unlimited subscriptions. For the free user, he can only subscribe to 100 channels, now you can enjoy an unlimited number of your subscribed channels.
c) Personalized Homepage. You can set the subscription page as the default homepage, once this feature is turned on in the app settings, next time if you open the app, what you can see first is your subscription page.
d) Turn off “Similar episodes”. To enable this feature in the app settings, you won’t see any similar episodes recommendations under the now playing area.
e) Your email will be replied at the earliest convenience of the support team.
f) If any new feature is released, you can enjoy it first.

The cost of the premium version is $0.99/month. To subscribe to the Premium, please go to the app “Personal” page, click “Go Premium” – “GET 7 DAYS FREE”, to process this. If you do not add any payment method in Google Play, you have to add one to continue.

1. Google Play Store
a) Launch the Google Play Store app on your Android phone.
b) Click Menu – Subscriptions – tap Castbox to cancel it.

2. Apple App Store
Please go to your App Store app on your iPhone – “Today” tab – click the figure button in the top right corner of that page – your name and ID box – Subscriptions – find Castbox and cancel it.

You do not need to subscribe multiple times on different devices. Note that you will have to be logged into the same account that you’ve registered for Castbox Premium.

When this stop/pause issue happens, please check the following:

1) Does this issue happen while your phone is locked?
2) Is your device on battery-saving mode?
3) Are you using any cache-clearing or power-saving apps?
4) If this issue keeps happening, please go to the app “Personal” page – “About” – “Contact us” – “Submit report via email”, and shoot us a message regarding the situation.
5) If it’s not too much trouble, please send us some screenshots or a recorded video so we can investigate further.

If you are using a Google Pixel phone and the app stops while the phone is locked, please go to the phone Settings – Apps & notifications – Castbox – Battery – Battery optimization – All apps – Castbox, and set it to “Don’t optimize”. For other phone models, please check if there is a similar setting (Settings – Battery – set Castbox as “Not optimized”) on your phone.

1) Please go to “Settings” then “Auto download” to check if this feature is enabled for the podcasts you’d like to download automatically.

2) If the app is not allowed to run in the background or is only running on WiFi, then the auto-download feature will not work. Please turn on your WiFi and allow the app to run in the background for full functionality.

The “Auto delete” feature will work within 1 hour after an episode is played in full.

Please go to your phone Settings – Apps – Castbox – Storage – clear the cache.

1) Check if you have enough storage space.
2) Go to the phone Settings – Apps – Castbox – Storage – Clear the data.
3) Try to uninstall and reinstall the app.
Please note that 2) & 3) would make your downloaded episodes get lost.

If you want to unsubscribe a podcast, you can simply go to “Channel Info” page, and tap the grey “subscribed button” again to cancel it.

Please copy and paste an RSS feed or the iTunes link to a specific podcast into the search bar to enable subscription via RSS.

You can add an episode to the playlist by tapping the button as shown below either in the preview page or the now playing page.

Please tap the “Heart” icon at the bottom right corner of the now playing page to save the episode to Favorites.

Yes, please go to “Settings” -> “Pause for Interruptions”, turn it on, and the player will pause for alerts, navigation instructions, etc. from other apps.

Please go to “Settings” -> “Skip played episodes” and turn it on. In this way, only unplayed episodes will appear in your “Next Up”.

Yes, you can change the playback speed via the adjustment button. The adjustment button looks like two uneven dotted lines and is located in the top right-hand corner of your episode page. Click the adjustment button, and scroll the playback speed bar to set the playback speed.

Yes, Castbox does have a sleep timer feature, you can find it (a clock button) on the Now Playing page. Castbox offers multiple time settings for you to choose from.

When you turn on the sleep timer, you will find a countdown timer below the clock icon indicating the time left. When the sleep timer is off, there will be nothing below the little clock icon.

Yes, you may tap the adjustment button (two uneven dotted lines and is located in the top right-hand corner of your episode page) and enable the “Trim Silence” feature.

Yes, you can increase the volume by clicking the adjustment button. The adjustment button looks like two uneven dotted lines and is located in the top right hand corner of the now playing page. Click the adjustment button, and check the “Volume boost” button.

Yes, please go to the “Now Playing” page and hold down the “10s” or “30s” button to access the option to select “5s”, “10s”, “15s”, “20s” and “30s”.

Yes, you can auto download the episodes in your playlist by tapping the button in the top right corner – entering “Playlist Settings”- choosing auto download.

Yes, you can click an episode to play, and in the right corner of the playback screen, you can see a “Chromecast” button, thus when your phone and Chromecast connect to the same Internet, that episode could be casted. As shown in the following screenshot.

Yes, Castbox supports Android Auto. If Castbox doesn’t show in your phone’s Android Auto, please kindly follow the following steps.
1. Open Android Auto
2. Tap the “three lines” icon in your top left corner
3. Tap “About”
4. Tap “About Android Auto” continuously for 10 times (which will start the developer mode), then allow developer mode
5. Tap the three vertical dots on the top right (beside “About Android Auto” icon)
6. Tap “Developer settings” in the drop-down list
7. Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Unknown sources” to enable it with a √
8. Back to the main interface of Android Auto – click the circle icon on your bottom left to exit Android Auto.
Then restart AA and see if Castbox appears in the app list.

If the downloaded episodes cannot be played or need to be streamed again, it is possible that they had been removed or their source had been broken.

Normally, the playback progress bar of your downloaded episodes should be “filled” with the gray color.

If the playback progress bar appears to be “empty” (half transparent), it is highly possible that your downloaded file has been cleared and no longer available on Castbox.

Could you please check if any management app/phone storage setting would clear large files on your phone? Would you mind deleting this episode and redownloading it? Then you can check if this episode could be played normally offline.

Yes, if you are using Castbox on Android, iOS or web system, by logging in with the same account, your subscriptions, playback progress, favorites could be synced across devices. The sync feature could work in our latest Android, iOS app and our web version. 

Usually, if you receive a notification that “Castbox can’t play this episode because the source is unavailable”, it means that the podcast source files could be broken or made unavailable by the podcaster. You can send the names of these episodes to for further confirmation.

1) Please go to your phone Settings – Applications – Castbox, and check if Castbox is allowed to use your SD card/storage permission/media permission.
2) The SD card you are using might not be compatible with the app, if possible, so please try another SD card.

Please go the phone Settings- Applications- Castbox- Storage- Clear cache, after clearing the cache, go back to the app and see if the podcasts could load successfully. If it still cannot work, please try to go the phone Settings- Applications- Castbox- Storage- Clear data, however, please note that once the data is cleared, what you have downloaded via Castbox will get lost.

Please go to your app “Settings” – “Mobile data usage” and enable the features of “Stream” and/or “Download” to disable this popup.

In the “Channel Info” page, you can click the “three lines and an arrow” button under the “COMMENTS” icon to change the order of the episode list; in the “Channel Settings” page (the three vertical buttons on the top right corner of the “Channel Info” page), there is a “Play” button for you to change “Top to Bottom” or “Bottom to Top”, which will change the playback order, not the order of the episode list. For example, there are 3 episodes in a channel, you select “Bottom to Top”, playback will start from the 3rd episode and continue to the 2nd episode.

Please go to “Settings” -> “Mobile Data Usage”, and turn the options (Stream and Download) off. You can also choose to go to your phone’s mobile data settings, and disable Castbox to use your mobile data.

Please go to “Settings” -> “Notification Settings” -> Select which kind of notifications you want to receive, including E-mail notifications (Castbox newsletters) and Push notifications (Suggested content, Replies to your comments, New episodes).

To enable the continuous play, please tap the playback mode icon (on the mini player bar or in the now playing page) as shown below to open your “Next up” list, then tap the playback mode icon on the top right corner and change it to “Repeat all” or “Repeat off” mode. It is a global setting.

There are three playback modes:
1) Repeat off. It means that if you have 30 episodes in the “Next up” list and start to play from episode 5, it will play from episode 5 to 30.
2) Repeat all. It means that if you have 30 episodes in the “Next up” list and start to play from episode 5, it will play from 5 to 30 to 4, finishing the whole list.
3) Exit at end of an episode. If you finish playing the current episode, no other episode will continue to play.

If you are are using Android 7.1 and above, you may press and hold the Castbox icon on your phone to use the shortcut feature – four options will appear – “Subscribed”, “Downloaded”, “Playlist” and “New Releases”. You can also add them as shortcuts on your home screen, and click to directly access different sections.

We designed an easy-to-use floating “player bar” at the bottom of Castbox app. No matter which page/tab you are browsing in the Castbox app, you can activate the “player bar” by wiping down the current screen to continue playing the unfinished episode.

Please go to “Settings” -> “Change Storage Location” to select “SD card”.

Castbox requires your permissions of Microphone, Camera, storage and Bluetooth for audio recording, changing profile image, downloading files to your SD card and connecting to a Bluetooth device. You may disable them by going to your phone settings – applications – Castbox – permissions. Please do not worry, Castbox won’t collect any info of your contacts and other stuff. We understand how important it is to make users trust us. Nobody would like to have his/her personal info obtained by others, and Castbox won’t do anything infringing users’ rights.

We are very sorry that all audio content, including the audio ads, is made and provided by the podcasters, thus we cannot remove such audio ads. 🙁 Castbox does not produce or control any of the audio content of podcasts.

What we could control is the graphical/text picture ads, which cannot be seen in the app by premium users since we are working to keep a clean interface to our users. 

Maybe you can contact the podcaster to express your idea about such ads and see if they could help.

If you change to another country/region, the contents on the “Discover” tab will be changed accordingly.

You can link your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Line accounts together to one Castbox account. Then you can use any of them to log in.

If the “Stream” and/or “Download” options are disabled, the episodes would not be played or downloaded under mobile data. If the “Show Episode Covers” is turned off, the covers of episodes in each channel won’t be displayed.

The settings are enabled by default. You can choose to receive them or not. “New episodes” could be clicked to set if you’d like to receive the new episodes notifications from your subscribed podcasts and the podcasts you’ll subscribe later.

Enable it, you can enjoy the dark theme.

There are six kinds of lock screen players, you can enable this feature and choose the one you like.

This is a premium feature. For the premium users, the homepage could be personalized.

This is a premium feature. For the premium users, the similar episodes in the now playing page could be turned off.

Turn it ON to allow the forward button on your external control (i.e. car) to skip to the next episode.

Turn it ON, and the player will pause for alerts, navigation instructions, etc. from other apps.

Turn it ON, this Auto Delete setting will automatically remove finished episodes from your Playlist.

Turn it ON, this way, only unplayed episodes will appear in your “Next up”.

If it’s turned on, you can click the play/pause button once to play and pause the episode. Double click to fast forward by 30 seconds, and triple click to rewind by 10 seconds.

You can set this feature for each subscribed podcast separately. Also, there is a global setting for you to disable or enable this for all subscriptions. The “Advanced options” could be clicked, there you can set whether to enable this feature for all new subscriptions later, and whether to download the episodes in your Playlist automatically.

You can choose to store the downloaded episodes in the phone internal storage or SD card.

Turn it ON, and this setting will remove downloaded episodes after they finish playing in 1 hour.

Export your subscriptions from your secondary podcast app as an .opml file. On Castbox, click this button, and select “Import from Other Podcast Apps”. Select your .opml file from earlier. Select the channels you would like to import onto Castbox, then click “Confirm” to complete the transfer. Also, you can import from our old purple app – “Podcast Player”, to make this, please make sure that the purple app is started and running in the background.

Click it, and your OPML file will be downloaded and exported successfully.

To subscribe, search for the channel you want to subscribe to and click on the button that says “Subscribe”. To unsubscribe, go to the “Subscribed” page where you’ll see a list of subscribed channels. Select the channel you want to unsubscribe and click on the grey “Subscribed” button.

Copy and paste an RSS feed or the iTunes link to a specific podcast into the search bar to enable subscription via RSS.

Try the “Tags” feature. Please click to enter the “Channel Info” page of a channel – three vertical dots on the top right corner – “Settings” – “Tag”, create a new tag or add it to the existing tags. You can add other channels to this tag in the same way. You can check out your channels by going to the “Subscribed” tab to locate your tags.

The “Tags” feature is also available for the “Downloads” and “New Releases” sections now. For example, you can create a tag named “Favorites,” enable the “Auto download” feature for the podcasts under this tag, then easily track the newly released episodes from these subscribed podcasts by going to the “Subscribed” tab, “Downloads” and “New releases” sections.

The Tag function is perfect for users who want to have multiple Playlists. Easily toggle between tags under Downloads and New Releases to cater to your listening needs.

Go to Channel Info, click the title of an episode and tap the down arrow button to download it. To download multiple episodes at a time, please long press one episode, after it turns into grey, choose others, then click the download button on the top right corner of the page.

1) To comment on a channel: go to the “Channel Info” page, you’ll see a “Comments” button right under the “Subscribe” icon.
2) To comment on an episode: play an episode, and in the playback page, click on the “Comments” option to leave a comment.

Castbox has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate comments. If you see any, simply click on the “More” button next to the comment and select the “Report” option. The Castbox team will review any reported comment and remove offensive comments as soon as possible.

Click on any episode to access an episode-specific description. You can also add it to your favorites and playlist, download, and share it.

Click on the play button at the right side of the episode.

Simply select the episode or channel you would like to share, and click on the “Share” button to view sharing options.

Yes, if you have already downloaded the episodes, they’ll be available in your downloads even if you can’t get WiFi. You can access your downloads by going to the “Listen” page and clicking on “Downloads.”

Yes, if you know the name or link of the Channel you would like us to add, please email us at and we will try to add it for you.

Yes, you can increase the volume by clicking the adjustment button. The adjustment button looks like two uneven dotted lines and is located in the top right-hand corner of the now playing page. Click the adjustment button, and check the “Volume boost” button.

Yes, you can change the playback speed via the adjustment button. The adjustment button looks like two uneven dotted lines and is located in the top right-hand corner of your episode page. Click the adjustment button, and scroll the playback speed bar to set the playback speed.

Yes, you can use the main search bar (first tab on your left). You can also go directly to the channel page and click on the magnifying glass icon on the right-hand side to search by title.

Yes. Enter the word “audiobooks” or “audiobook” in the search bar to access the “Audiobook” category. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please send the titles to, and we’ll do our best to add them to our catalog.

Go to Channel Info, then click the “episode number” icon under the “EPISODES” icon, there you can filter the episodes as All, Unplayed or Downloaded.

Yes, please go to the “Now Playing” page and hold down the “10s” or “30s” button to access the option to select “5s”, “10s”, “15s”, “20s” and “30s”.

Go to your playlist, hold and drag the left-hand side of the episode name to manually change the order of the episodes.

The “Playlist” and the “Next Up” list are not the same (or always consistent).

“Playlist” consists only of episodes you’ve added (by clicking the “three lines and a plus” button). “Next Up” shows upcoming episodes of a podcast you’re currently listening to.

Instead of the “Playlist” order, Castbox will default to and prioritize the “Next up” order. This might cause that some episodes in your playlist to play out of order.

For example, if you play an episode directly from a channel’s page, your “Playlist” order will stay the same but your “Next up” list will show a list of episodes from the channel that’s currently playing.

Or, if you choose to play an episode directly from your “Downloads” list, your “Next up” list will consist of episodes in your “Downloads”. Even if this episode is also on your “Playlist”, the “Next up” list will still follow your “Downloads” list because the current episode was played from the “Downloads” list.

After you finish rearranging your “Playlist”, please pause the episode that’s currently playing and resume by tapping it in your “Playlist”. This way, the episodes in your “Next up” list will be updated to the same as those in the Playlist that you have just arranged.

You can also rearrange the order of the episodes in the “Next up” section and all changes made there will be applied instantly.

“Next up” section and all changes made there will be applied instantly.

Here, you can get timely support and warm welcome from Castbox and Castbox users. Click to join:

Here, you can post and interact with Castbox users. Click to join:

Here, you can interact with other Castbox users and share your ideas. Click to subscribe:

If you’d like to help with in-app translations, please shoot us a message at Thank you for your interest!

1) Logging in: When you first open Castbox, the app will ask you to log in via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or choose to login later. If you choose to login later, go to the “Personal” page, and click on the “LOG IN” button to return to the login page.
2) Logging out: go to “Personal” -> “Settings”, and select “Log Out.”

After logging in, your subscriptions, listening history, playlist and favorites could be saved safely and synced across devices if you log in with the same method.

With the help of Alexa listening to your favorite podcasts through Castbox is now easier than ever!

Before we continue, here are a few things to keep in mind:
If you’re currently using the purple version of the App on Android, you’ll need to update the app to the orange icon version.

To activate Castbox on your Echo, go to the Amazon Alexa app and search for Castbox under Skills. Once added, link your Castbox account to your Echo, and you will be able to play episodes from your subscribed shows as well as many others.

After you’ve set up the custom skill,  if you want to listen to This American Life using your Amazon Echo, all you need to do is say “Alexa, ask Castbox to play This American Life,” and Castbox will either resume your last played episode if you have subscribed to the channel, or it will play the newest episode if you have not. If you were listening to This American Life from a previous session, you can also just say “Alexa Open Castbox,” and it will automatically resume from your last played position.

You can also skip past a section of a show by fast forwarding through the parts you don’t wish to hear. To do this, simply say “Alexa, ask Castbox to fast forward xxx seconds/minutes.” You can also skip directly to the next episode of a channel as well by saying “Alexa, next.”

Our team is working hard to offer more content as well as stay on top of continuous updates, but if you have any suggestions or problems, or just simply want to let us know how your experience using Castbox through Alexa is, feel free to contact us at If you are a Podcaster who wants to publish on Castbox or just a fan of a podcast we haven’t included yet, let us know and we’ll make sure it’s added to our directory.

Castbox FAQs

Castbox is the Android Excellence App of 2017!

Castbox is an easy to use podcast player for podcast lovers, offering a super clean layout and easy to navigate interface. With a wide category of podcasts to choose from, you can stream or download your favorite podcasts and audiobooks anywhere, anytime for free.

Castbox offers continuous playback with customized playlists, one-button subscription options, and the ability to download episodes for offline listening. Our mission here at Castbox is to make information accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Both versions of Castbox are indeed developed by the same company. However, the purple version of Castbox app is a straightforward listening platform with fewer bells and whistles than its orange counterpart. The orange version of Castbox has a more intuitive UI design, upgraded features, and an overall smoother interface with updated social sharing capabilities that maximizes engagement.

The orange version is your best bet for staying up to date with the most innovative podcast app on the market. Your subscriptions in the purple version can be synchronized to the new orange one, on the condition that you log into Castbox through the same social login you used to first sign up with Castbox (Facebook or Google).


Yes, Castbox can run and play in the background if you do not pause the playback. However, Castbox will not run in the background when there is another audio source or video app playing, including Youtube and Facebook.

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