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You can now claim your podcast and watch its performance on Castbox. Check out the “Claim Ownership” button on the cover of your Castbox channel.

Is your podcast not yet available on Castbox? Not to worry. You can submit your podcast while claiming it.

After completing a few easy steps, you will receive an email containing a link to claim your podcast. Once claimed, listeners can follow you and you can better interact with your listeners by associate your social media channels to your Castbox channel.

Please ensure that you have access to the email address displayed in your RSS feed, i.e., the email address inside the <itunes: email> tag. You can check it by visiting your RSS URL using Google Chrome or any other browser that can display RSS feeds.

If you don’t have access to the email address displayed in your RSS feed, you may want to update it by seeking support from your hosting provider.

Please contact your hosting provider for further assistance.

If your podcast is already available on Castbox

If your podcast is already available on Castbox, you will see a “Claim Ownership” button overlayed on the cover of your podcast.

Click “Claim Ownership” and a window will prompt you for your email address displayed in your RSS feed. If you’ve entered the right one, we will send you an email containing the link for you to claim ownership.

Find the email in your inbox and you are only one step away from finish claiming. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find it, feel free to contact for more support.

If you haven’t submitted your podcast to Castbox

Go to the Creator Studio on our desktop site. You will be prompted to log in to your Castbox account first. Your podcast will be associated with the account you used to log in to Castbox.

Please register a Castbox account if you haven’t got one yet.

Under the “Channels” tab, click the “Claim Ownership” button. In the pop-up window, paste your RSS feed in the upper text field. Then, paste your email address displayed in your RSS feed and click “Submit”.

We will send you an email containing the link for you to claim ownership. Find the email in your inbox and you are only one step away from finish claiming. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find it, feel free to contact for more support.

Open the email and click the link in the email, you will see the basic information of your podcast and a “Confirm” button.

After you click “Confirm”, your podcast will be associated with your Castbox account, which allows you to be followed and receive donations from your listeners. Also, your podcast will be added to our public directory if it hasn’t been there yet.

Upon the completion of the claiming process, you will be directed to Creator Studio, where you can associate your social media channels with your Castbox channel.



Castbox values your work. In an effort to help you better distribute your podcast to the growing number of listeners on Castbox, you can apply to be featured in the Castbox app.

To apply, please fill out the below form.

Enable listeners to easily find your podcast by putting Castbox badges on your website. Your website visitors or social media followers will know that your podcast is ready to be played on Castbox.

Download the badges under the Media Kit tab.

To find the code of the embedded player for your podcast, you can click the “Share” button on your podcast’s page on our desktop site.

Do you want to track your podcast’s daily play counts? We make it easy to check the stats and analytics for your podcast on Castbox.

Go to the “Analytics” tab in Creator Studio. Audience demographics will be available soon.

Listeners can leave a comment on Castbox in real time while they are listening to your podcast. We encourage you to interact with your listeners in the comments section on your channel. This is a great opportunity to get their input and answer their questions.

Worried you’ll miss some comments on your channel? After claiming your podcast, you can opt in to receive push notifications when listeners leave comments on your channel.

All comments on your channel are collected and organized in Creator Studio in the “Community – Comments” tab. Check it out!

Have you just started your own podcast? Are you overwhelmed by the fancy features offered by other expensive hosting providers? Using Castbox, you are just a few taps away from creating your first podcast for free.

Starting your own podcast has never been so easy. After recording an episode, you can upload the audio file through the Creator Studio on our desktop site. Please note that using the Creator Studio will require you to sign in first.

Once you have entered the Creator Studio, you can set up a new podcast within minutes by simply clicking the “+ New Channel” button and filling out the basic information of your podcast.

Now that you have a channel, don’t you want to upload some recordings to give a shout out to all the potential listeners out there? Find the cloud icon at the top right corner of the page and click it to upload your first episode!

The last step is equally simple, just edit the episode information and hit “Publish”. Voila! Now your podcast can be accessed, listened to and subscribed to by a massive audience.

Podcast management can also be easily operated on Android devices. Go to “Personal” – “Podcaster”, and you can upload recordings or record right away by tapping the microphone icon at the bottom right corner. Management of your channels and drafts is also available.

We recommend using Castbox as your daily podcast player and hosting platform. Feel free to post the link of your show on your social media.

Please download the zip file underneath for Media Kit & Guidance.




Logo Rules

1.Always use lower case “b” when spelling out Castbox

2.Do not alter the logo symbol

3.Do not alter the logo type style

4.Do not change the size relationship between the logo symbol and logo type

5.Never change the proportions of the logo vertically or horizontally

Primary Color

Use orange selectively to keep strength of logo


CMYK : C000 M075 Y088 K000

RGB : R245 G091 B035

Web : #F55B23

Wrapper Logo
For use on Castbox original shows

Logo on Light Background

Logo on Dark Background
Always use full color logo on dark backgrounds

B/W Logo on Dark Background
Only use monochromatic logo when specified by outside brand, otherwise always use full color logo

Badge Logo for Partner Sites

Profile Photo for Social

Horizontal Treatment

Vertical Treatment

App Icon

Think of a hosting platform as the home base for your podcast. It is essentially a server that stores all the episodes of your podcast for them to be accessed over the Internet. Choosing a suitable hosting platform is a crucial first step of setting up your podcast. Luckily, there are plenty of quality options to choose from. Here we have listed some top sites for you:

As one of the largest and most enduring hosting platforms, Libsyn has been a trustworthy and reliable choice for many podcasters. Although there are complaints on its outdated and complex user interface, Libsyn offers features for those committed to a long-term podcast. It also stands out in automatically pushing your podcast episodes out to YouTube for reaching a wider audience.

Like Libsyn, the strength of Blubrry also comes from its depth. Blubrry’s dashboard provides an audio show with everything it needs, be it new or established. The platform is known to most for its Powerpress plugin, which allows podcasters with a WordPress site to run their podcasts right from their own website.

With simplicity, Buzzsprout stands out from equally well-known and respected hosting platforms in the industry. Minimizing your option with streamlining features, it helps you upload and publish your show with higher efficiency.

Podcast Movement holds annual conferences gathering active and aspiring podcasters, industry representatives, and podcasting professionals from around the world. It also sends monthly newsletters to subscribers for updates on the community.

If you’re involved in podcasting and on-demand audio, you can also subscribe to Podnews and Hot Pod for daily briefings and valuable insights on global news of the podcast world.

You can also join our Reddit Community, Facebook group and Telegram Podcaster group for more community supports.

1. After creating a channel on Castbox, where can I find my RSS feed?

By clicking the “Edit” button on your channel, you will see your RSS feed in the channel information.

2. How to edit language, copyright, and author displayed in my Castbox RSS feed?

By clicking the edit button on your channel, you can edit such information displayed in your RSS feed.

3. How to schedule uploading using Creator Studio?

You can schedule uploading by setting the publish time of a certain podcast. The “Publish Time” field is available when you are uploading or editing an episode.

4. How to rearrange the order of published episodes in my channel?

You can rearrange the order of your published episodes by altering the publish time of an episode. Episodes of a channel will be sorted from the newest to oldest, thus you can change the publish time of an episode to change its place in a channel.

Please contact if you have any further questions.

1. The artwork of my podcast is not updating.

It might take time for your artwork to be updated on Castbox. Normally, your artwork will be updated within two days after it has been updated on iTunes. Please contact if anything goes wrong.

2. I’m using the “Podcaster” function and my saved drafts are lost.

You can check if the recordings exist under your phone’s file directory CastBox/record. If you find them there, you can tap the cloud icon on the recording page and find the recordings by selecting “Audio” in the sidebar.

Please contact if you have any further questions.

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