5 Great Podcast Episodes For Globetrotters

Are you a traveler? Do you love to immerse yourself in foreign cultures, experiences, and news? We’ve rounded up 5 great episodes from around the world, so you can explore another country without having to leave the comfort of home.

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The Night Shift In India: A Podcast Series About Four Women Who Go To Work After Dark

The SwaddlePodcast by The Swaddle

India is reported to have such a high incidence of sexual assault that women are routinely advised not to go out by themselves after dark. This fascinating podcast follows four Indian women—a bar dancer, a bouncer, a taxi driver and a home guard—who routinely work the nightshift.

Political Identities In A Globalized World: Why Populists Seem To Be Taking Over Everywhere

HARDtalkIn-depth, hard-hitting interviews with newsworthy personalities.

Trump, Erdogan, Duterte, Putin, Orban, Salvini. The rise of far-right populism is taking the world by storm. But what is driving its popularity? Is it the need for belonging? Economic insecurity? Fear of the “other”? In this podcast episode, philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah takes a stab at explaining this rapidly growing global phenomenon. Kwame believes that there are five types of identity: creed, country, color, class and culture.

Alibi: A South African True Crime Podcast

Alibi – radio seriesMail us comments on the show:…

Fans of Serial will love Alibi, a South African true crime series that investigates whether an innocent man was put in jail for murder. The deeply reported, award-winning podcast explores the conviction of a black man named Anthony De Vries for robbery and double murder during apartheid in South Africa.

The Day Nigeria Struck Oil

Witness HistoryHistory as told by the people who were there.

Chief Sunday Inengite was just 19 years old when prospectors from Shell D’Arcy oil company first came to his village of Oloibiri in the Niger Delta looking for crude oil—marking the start of Nigeria’s huge oil industry, and changing the country forever. This episode of BBC’s Witness explores the history of oil in Nigeria.

Discovering Dubai’s History Through A Demolished Cinema

Kerning Cultures | Middle EastKerning Cultures is a podcast featuring radio documentaries from the Middle East. We release episodes twice monthly. ينت …

Dubai’s image today is inseparably linked to that of a global business hub. Skyscrapers, like the Burj Khalifa, or artificial archipelagos, such as Palm Jumeirah. Large construction projects, flashy sports events, super expensive hotels. But Dubai wasn’t always like that. For many years, the most representative symbol of Dubai was the Plaza Cinema, a cultural mecca and hub for the Indian expat community. In this episode, producers explore Dubai’s history through one building.

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