product day

Castbox Presents: Product Day

The First Castbox Product Day: Behind the Scenes

There are SO many Apps out there, so what makes Castbox SO special? Answer: Our users influence our product decisions. It’s you, the global Castbox community! Call us cheesy, but it’s true.

We held our inaugural online Product Day on January 17th. Castbox users and podcasters spent 2 hours chatting with our Product and Operations teams in the Castbox Telegram group. Got FOMO? Join us for the next Product Day Here.

The 30 user requests we got fit into the below 4 categories:

  • App features: multiple playlists, dark mode, listening statistics, iPad compatibility
  • Web version: UI adjustments, options to arrange subscriptions
  • For podcasters: Interact with listeners via custom notifications, data collection, private channels
  • Content: Add a New & Noteworthy section and a Trending Now section

You asked. We listened. Our roadmap is designed with your requests top of mind. Join us on Telegram for development updates on design, beta version and the final product.

Special thanks to the following Castbox fans who were top contributors during the event.

Rene do Vale
Refael Cohen
Hedonistic We are
Gustavo Chaves
Brendo Marinho
Luiz Gonçalves
John Drew

Let’s build a better Castbox together!

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