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Gaslit Nation with Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior

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Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa are experts on authoritarian states who warned America about election hacking years before 2016. Here, they take a deep dive on the news, skipping outrage to deliver analysis, history, context, and sharp insight on global affairs.
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Gaslit Nation Featurette: Every District
We're excited to share this important discussion with Every District, a grassroots fundraising and data-driven effort to turn state governments blue. Regardless of the results of the 2018 midterms, we have a long way to go to rebuild our democracy. As we've covered before on Gaslit Nation, in our interview with Future Now, the battleground is in the states. Affordable health care, voting rights, a fair living wage are just some of the fundamental issues decided by our local representatives. Led by Karl Rove, the far-right has been so effective at dominating at the state level that they're scarily close to being able to call a constiutitonal convention and rewrite our constitution. Every District is in it for the long-haul to reverse this trend, and successes include the big blue sweep in Virginia in November 2017. We urge you to listen to this fascinating discussion with Nicole Hobbs and Drew Morrison, the co-founders of Every District, about what's at stake and the path forward towards creating a more progressive union before it's too late.   Nicole and Drew recommend checking out Mobilize America for important actions you can take now through election day - November 6th - to get out the vote (#GOTV). Make sure you have a plan to vote on Tuesday and before you head to the polls check out Ballot Ready to read up on what will be on your ballot so that you can make the most informed decisions. And if you want to support 20 local candidates in this homestretch, Every District is collecting donations for key races - 100% of the donations go to the campaigns to help them turn out voters.   We will post our next episode on Wednesday November 7th to discuss the election results. Until then, happy #GOTV and voting!  
Halloween Special: The Kathy Griffin Interview
Welcome to the Gaslit Nation Halloween Special, which is not so different than a regular Gaslit Nation episode due to the 24-7 horror show we call the Trump administration!  This week, Andrea and Sarah discuss the horrific extremist threats and violence of the past week as well as the constant encroaching repression of the administration’s extremist policies. We once again encourage everyone to get out and vote on November 6. Remember that a vote does not only help an individual candidate, but shapes the balance of power in Congress, determining what laws are passed. You are not only voting for yourself, but to help protect the rights of vulnerable Americans as well as preserve the integrity of our democracy. So vote! This week’s guest on Gaslit Nation is comedian Kathy Griffin, who has been a target of the Trump administration ever since she posed for a photo holding up a Trump mask covered in ketchup, leading to her being labeled a terrorist by Trump and his supporters. We at Gaslit Nation do not condone this photo in any way – but neither does Kathy Griffin, who immediately apologized for the picture and who routinely condemns political violence. The administration’s treatment of Griffin, combined with its countenance of actual violent extremists, sheds light on serious threats to our national security as well as to freedom of speech. While the MAGAbomber cruised around the country threatening citizens but was ignored as a legitimate threat, Griffin was put on the Interpol list, interrogated by the FBI, and blacklisted by Hollywood.   
Robert Mueller Will Not Save You
Goodbye checks and balances, hello authoritarian shitshow! In the latest Gaslit Nation, Sarah and Andrea discuss the demolishment of checks and balances now that the independence and integrity of the judiciary are gone – joining a legislature that has been, in the words of Senator Patrick Leahy, reduced to little more than an arm of the Trump White House. As we predicted, this was a historic week for America, one that will be remembered as a turning point toward consolidated autocracy. So speak while you can still speak, and vote while you can still vote. We discuss the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation, the tattered future of the Mueller investigation, the possible compromise of the FBI, and the transnational crackdown on journalists who document corruption and speak up against repressive governments. In one week, Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi went missing and was allegedly murdered in the Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey, and Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova was murdered in a Bulgarian border town, making her the third high profile journalist to be murdered in the EUthis year. Both had critiqued the repression and corruption of their countries. These are also dangerous times for US journalism, as Trump continues his attack on the free press and his dehumanization of anyone who dares criticize him. We discuss the dark future of a world run by a transnational crime syndicate seemingly held in check by no one. Many of our worst fears have been realized; those baselessly claiming a “deux ex Mueller” was coming were severely mistaken.  What we have, in the end, are ourselves and each other to save – along with what’s left of our country. We end the episode with an interview with Sydette Harry, a writer whose prescient analysis of the weaponization of digital media should have been heeded years ago, and whose advice on how to survive in an autocratic political landscape should be heeded now. A Special Announcement from Gaslit Nation Thank you to everyone who participated in the Crush the Midterms Challenge. We asked you to create a plan on, tweet your plan to @gaslitnation, and from those that we received we chose a winner -- @indigoiis -- who will be sent a signed copy of Sarah’s New York Times bestselling book, The View from Flyover Country: Dispatches from the Forgotten America.  If you participated and didn’t win yet, the contest continues, a new winner announced every week, through election day, November 6th. So send us your Crush the Midterms plan if you haven’t already. We’re also introducing a new contest, the 1,000 Doors Challenge. Join Andrea in a moonshot goal of knocking on 1,000 doors between now and election day. It’s a big goal, but striving for it could help make a difference in the most important midterms in our nation’s history. Tweet a photo of yourself canvassing to @gaslitnation and the winner, chosen on November 6th, will get a signed copy of Sarah’s book and an invitation to come on our show as a special guest. A group of Harvard students created a great YouTube series called Resistance School, and their basic explainer video of how to knock on doors to get out the vote shows just how easy and fun this effective outreach strategy can be! 
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Kathrin Gabriel-Jones

This podcast has inspired me in the midst of darkness and despair. You've reminded me that not only can we choose faith over despair, now is a time when making that conscious act to CHOOSE faith over despair becomes an act of empowered rebellion and radical loyalty to that which we love. Of course, in order to truly choose for what we love, we must KNOW what we love, as Sydette Harry described so well with "does baby have hat". Thank you!

Oct 21st


Look forward to this podcast to get to the details and insights during these very tough times. The more we discuss, the better for us all. Thanks for your podcast and book. love both.

Oct 17th

Jane Doh

Investigating and reporting on important issues affecting the nation. They were right before the election and they’re still right now. Listen up.

Oct 15th


I really want to like this. But they both sound bored, flat and tired. I can be that by myself.

Aug 6th

Gerry M.

I think what you're doing is superb journalism. This kind of reporting and in-depth analysis about the Trump-Russia skullduggery is critical and needed more than ever during these critical times. Thank you so much! I'll be listening!

Aug 6th

Ray Palagano

Thank you, Sarah and Andrea.

Jul 24th

Hunter Cawood

Not worth your time. Over-sensationalist and void of objectivity.

Jul 13th

Faith Brennan

Pretty scary.

Jul 11th

Chris Bridgen


Jul 10th
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