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The Industry Angel Podcast is THE most diverse business podcast out there!
Ian Farrar interviews Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Social Influencers, Marketing Guru's, Sales Rockstars, Motivational Speakers and even the odd Adventurer or two!
We share actionable advice from speakers that keeps you ahead of the pack.
124 Episodes
117 One Golden Nugget
Steve has promoted Britain’s biggest raves, written hit songs and owned a record label that sold millions of albums. "I’ve also fallen on my arse and had to clean toilets and sweep floors to keep my dream alive. It feels like a real-life game of Snakes and Ladders – I’ve pushed my way into shows like The X Factor and managed hit artists. I’ve travelled on Concorde, I’ve run marathons and cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats. I’ve been in business with Duncan Bannatyne, and I’ve stopped being in business with Duncan Bannatyne! And now I’m in the digital business. But for all the many high points I’ve also experienced more temporary failure than is good for one person. There have been many, many periods in which I have made a complete hash of things when I’ve snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and flopped on the final furlong. I’ve tripped on the finish line so often I’ve questioned my own sanity. If there was a lesson to be learned I’ve lived it, studied it, absorbed it, taken it on board and then ignored it many times over – even when I think I’ve understood it I’ve had to go through it again a few times to really know what it means. And that is a great life lesson, right there – the situation that slaps you will keep repeating until you learn the lesson. If there’s one thing I have realised over the years it is that with every challenging life situation there is always the seed of opportunity and the hope of brilliance within it. You just have to look for it and be open, which can be difficult when the shit is hitting the fan, but if you are ever going to be successful you must embrace this skill with open arms. All the money from sales of these books is going to Young Minds, a brilliant charity that champions the well-being and mental health of young people." Check out

117 One Golden Nugget


116 Brand Is DEAD
Simon Middleton is a brand-building specialist, fashion and British-manufacturing entrepreneur, author and speaker. He advises business owners, corporates and charities on brand strategy and organisational development. He is currently at work on his fourth brand-related book, Brand Is Dead, coming Summer 2019. He is the creator of Blackshore, British Coastal Clothing: a new made-in-Britain menswear brand for the discerning man who loves the lifestyle of the English coast. Simon was the original founder of the Shackleton menswear brand, and was selected as a Top 100 Manufacturer 2015 by Manufacturer magazine. He has been a member of the Advisory Board of Make It British 'Meet The Manufacturer', and is a Fellow of the RSA, and a Business Fellow of University of East Anglia. Simon has worked with high profile clients including: Harris Tweed Authority, Aviva, Pret A Manger, Norfolk Broads National Park, World Vision and many more. He is author of three branding, marketing and personal-development books and one self-published children’s novel. His first book 'Build A Brand In 30 Days' (Capstone) is an Amazon No.1 bestseller in its category and was described as "invaluable" by Director magazine. Simon speaks internationally about branding and is frequently rated 'best speaker' at conferences. He has appeared on CNN, Bloomberg, Sky, Five and BBC (Today, Breakfast, BBC News, Newsnight) as an expert brand commentator. Ian and Simon discuss; The pressures of Entrepreneurship Suffering with Depression Brand storytelling is not enough 31 mins Brand affiliation Millennials and brand trust It’s not about what you say, it’s about what you do Ted Baker How does a brand make a positive impact? Gillette House of Fraser The High Street Launching a Brand Amazon will kill you Toms Shoes Simon's clothing brand Blackshore LinkedIn Show Sponsors:- Far North Sales & Marketing Far North Sales & Marketing Consultancy are all-encompassing Business Development specialists, our aim is growth, your growth. We understand that the overhead of permanent experienced members of a team may be a step too far, maybe you would like to take a product to market, run a fresh pair of eyes over the sales process or just get over a lean period, we can help.

116 Brand Is DEAD


110 How to win at Office Politics
Show notes In any office there’s always a hierarchy of power plays in how to get things done. Corporate veteran, Davide Cervellin, discusses with Ian Farrar how to play the game in his new book ‘Office of Cards’: 1. The corporate environment is like an episode of Game of Thrones – despite all the rules and red-tape it can be unpredictable so make sure you’re prepared for every outcome 2. Networking is the key to success – personal connections help you get things done so build a network that can make you uniquely effective in your environment 3. Lose the whiners – if you choose to spend time with people who drag you down, they WILL drag you down. Seek people who think and act like you – be a radiator and not a drain 4. Play the Long Game – getting what you want or need from the business world takes planning, time and hard work. Make sure every move you make gets you one step closer to your goal, no matter how long it takes 5. Always have a positive attitude and stay cool – it instils calm and inspires loyalty. Anger and frustration lose you good friends, lead you to make mistakes and miss opportunities 6. Never argue – there is absolutely nothing to gain from making an enemy for the sake of winning an argument because that enemy could become a problem 7. Make no enemies – enemies kill ideas and careers. Even if you think that person is powerless you don’t want them as an enemy, to survive and thrive you need to make sure that you #makenoenemies 8. Make people feel valued and important – they’re far more likely to support you and respond to your suggestions 9. Learn how to listen to people – your attention should be on what they’re saying when they’re speaking, not your response. By listening to people and giving them a chance to speak you’re gathering information you can use to tailor your idea to tie in with what they’ve got in mind 10. Be prepared – when you need something from someone make it as easy as possible for them to give it to you by doing the research and thinking needed before you ask anything Davide Cervellin was nominated as one of the Top 100 Influential People in Data Driven Businesses in 2018. He now works for travel website
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Jamie Groves

By far the best directly business focused podcast I have come across. Every episode I pick up something I can use, which ultimately is the only thing that matters! Keep up the great work!

Oct 5th
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