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Author: Rachel Rodgers

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Hi, I’m Rachel Rodgers: wife, mama, and CEO of a 7-figure business. I’m on a mission to help every woman I meet become a millionaire. I decided to start the Million Dollar Badass Podcast to address one simple question: how can women make more money? On this show I’ll be talking to fellow Million Dollar Badasses, women just like you who decided they wanted to become millionaires and actually did it. My guests and I will share our stories of how we did it, mistakes we made and the pivotal moment that changed everything. We’ll also be answering your questions, coaching you and giving you a super-sized helping of inspiration to earn a whole lot more. Get ready to make some money, honey! If you enjoy GirlBoss Radio, Rise with Rachel Hollis or Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money podcast, then you’ll love this show.
12 Episodes
007 Keep It Simple, Make It Real with Luisa Zhou
Ever wondered how entrepreneurs can start a successful business while working a full-time job and maintaining financial flexibility? At times, it can seem impossible. However, today’s guest is living proof that it’s not only possible, it’s a plausible reality. Find out more in this episode as Rachel interviews someone who has successfully navigated an entrepreneurial journey while balancing a full-time job working 9 to 5. In this episode, I’m interviewing Luisa Zhou, CEO of Zhou Ventures, a company that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with actionable advice and inspiration to start and build profitable and meaningful businesses. After working for a successful digital advertising firm, Luisa felt unfulfilled. However, like most people, Luisa wasn’t afforded the luxury of quitting her day job. She decided to stay in her role while simultaneously building a consulting firm. Within no time at all, Luisa was able to put in her notice and focus her time and energy on being an entrepreneur. Luisa is also a launch queen, her latest being valued at $800,000. Join me as Luisa unpacks her launch strategy, shares her mindset, and provides insight into the secret weapons that have gotten her to where she is today. Here’s what you’ll get out of this: The power of digital advertising How Luisa keeps it simple Tips from Luisa on how to start your business Why having the right mindset is vital The importance of listening to customers The value of market research How to set goals according to your entrepreneurial strategy The importance of taking action in order to make your dreams a reality Why Luisa invested in coaching right from the start For full shownotes:
006 How to Overjoy with Jadah Sellner
Published author, international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and poet. Is there anything Jadah can’t do? Find out in this latest episode where Rachel interviews someone who truly embodies the promotion of women in business. From $42,000 in debt to three successful businesses, Jadah is a badass in her own right. In this episode, I’m interviewing Jadah Sellner, the woman behind the Love Over Metrics Incubator. At its core, the Love Over Metrics movement helps visionary women entrepreneurs expand and grow their businesses while serving the community in a meaningful and authentic way. Jadah recounts her entrepreneurial journey from Simple Green Smoothies, a company she co-founded, to her career as an author and international keynote speaker. Here’s what you’ll get out of this: The power of intentional trade-offs How Jadah grew a massive social media following in just six months How women can use love as fuel to make more money The moment Jadah realized the value of tying your personal goals, dreams, and ambitions to the betterment and good of the community Why holding a space for a greater vision within yourself is vital The importance of fostering trust, surrendering, and having patience The value of getting your daily dose of Vitamin V—Self-Validation! Celebrating yourself in all forms How setting tiny goals can lead to great accomplishments Why it wasn’t always smooth sailings for Jadah in her entrepreneurial journey How affirmation and gratitude are key components in Jadah’s daily routine For full shownotes:
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