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Author: Brandon Beachum

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Consistently maintaining an elevated vibration should be the aim of anyone seeking to evolve and attain their ultimate potential. In an effort to help our listeners achieve that aim, every Wednesday, host Brandon Beachum interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity as we collectively transition into a state of expanded consciousness and awareness. On the other weekdays, Brandon features clips from various philosophers and teachers, takes questions from listeners, and digs into a plethora of mind-expansive topics that will help to expand your perspective and keep your soul fed on a regular basis. It's a daily conscious effort to keep a Positive Head and we're here to help you keep your consciousness elevated five days a week!
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Dani Felt is a music marketing coach as well as founder of the "Artist Plugin Program", an online artist development academy to promote musical artists and help them "bring their music mindset to the next level".
Jonathan Fink is entrepreneur and author of the book "The Baseball Gods are Real", a true story about baseball and spirituality, and the founder of an investment firm aligned with high spiritual principles. He is also a happy and proud husband and father, and his wide-ranging interests include the music industry, martial arts and of course baseball.
Brandon is joined by Charis Melina Brown to announce the launch of the new late-night-style consciousness elevating talk show that is going to feature none other than YOU, Optimystic! Charis will be staying at the Mystic Manor with Brandon and the rest of the Optimystic Family, and in this very special episode they dive deep discussing all the things that can be expected for the (p)HeAds who visit the Mystic Manor for a transformational retreat or during a live taping, what the actual show content will be, and how people can even co-create and experience the Optimystic Odyssey virtually and watch it all unfold from behind the scenes remotely! (Check out for more details)
Becky Hanney is a painter living in London whose work could be considered "visionary art" but is produced through a unique intuitive process of "fractal automatism" and ultimately represents a living cosmology that is rich with meaning to the viewer.
Brandon talks about exciting perspectives that often run counter to what the default world tells us, like "feeling" instead of thinking our way through tricky situations, and also touches upon the perspective that beings on the "other side" hold about earthly life, sharing clips by Abraham-Hicks and Bashar to further this point.
Richard Haight is a martial arts expert and spiritual teacher who has published several books including his best-selling "The Unbound Soul", and in this interview he shares with Brandon his unique life story that took him through a mystical Christian experience in his childhood, to learning about advanced martial arts techniques in Japan, and ultimately gaining a profound understanding of the meditative state to help attain calm and presence in the most challenging situations.
Brandon talks about syncing up with the "divine order" of the Universe, a new perspective that many people all over the world are learning to apply to their plans and their lives, by sensing the subtle nuances of high-frequency energy work. He also shares an Abraham-Hicks clip on this called, "When it feels like struggle, give it a rest" that expounds on this exact same idea.
Erica reads from Chapter 12 of "Return of the Bird Tribes" by Ken Carey, a highly recommended book published over twenty years ago. This chapter talks about the "Great Day of Purification" which we also understand as the current ascension process we're undergoing collectively, and is perhaps one of the most beautiful and powerful chapters of these amazing writings inspired by spirit.
Alicia Lynn Diaz is a transformational healer and creator of the Enlightened Body System and the "Soul of Healing" summit, specializing in assisting other healers release emotions and rejuvenate themselves through a blend of Ayurveda, modern medicine and emotional work.
Brandon talks about the blurry lines of boundaries and where they fit in with the idea of oneness. He also shares a clip of Teal Swan breaking down the topic in great detail.
Comments (199)

Brissa Alveraz

I still can’t listen / view any of your podcasts :,(

Apr 23rd

Jeevan K

Amazing episode

Apr 18th

Craig Findlay

Yes I haven’t been able to load any of the podcasts for this

Apr 12th

Brooke Taylor Peterson

Anyone else having issues getting the podcasts to load the last week or so?

Apr 11th

Karma Lotus

I'm sooo glad I found you. love the chem trail idea. i regularly visualize golden, healing light penetrating the entire earth and all it's inhabitants. Visualizing all the plastic in the ocean, attached or inside animals transforming into little tiny bits of minerals and nutrients that benefit all life to their highest good. Keep up the great work. love and light.

Mar 27th

Hannah Guear

I loved the magnificent and magentic energy of this podcast! Thank you for sharing the love ♥️

Mar 27th

Niasma Radenahmad

i like you song and podcast. what is the song?

Mar 26th

Garry Brar

U guys are awesome

Mar 16th

Gurt Birdley

I hate myself and I suppress all of my feelings for the betterment of mankind.

Mar 9th

Jasmine Galimov

This episode was JUST what I needed! such an amazing one!

Mar 5th

D'Kota HintonLouis

Can you do an episode talking about having physic abilities?? And how to channel them?

Mar 3rd

lance whitacre

we and in eww country in the country is the

Feb 22nd

Francois Olivier

Awesomeness 🙂

Feb 21st

Maria Izvestkina

This podcast in itself is a synchronicity in my life. I stumbled across it few times before i actually gave it a listen and I'm glad I did. Some randome mentions kept guiding me towards it. I learn so much with every episode. Brandon's positivity is an absolute joy. There are sooo many episodes to choose from so the Youniverse game is a must. thank you thank you!

Feb 20th


I listened to this on the way to work, and then clicked on at 12:22!!!!

Feb 19th

Donica E. Wiesner

Brandon, are you able to make clips of the podcasts, available as a sneak peak to the podcast? When I heard the guest talk about anger at about 1 hour, I realized such a good reflection, and how can we get more people to listen to these podcasts? if I could play a clip, it may attract more people to check it out? it has been such a blessed education for me, and I'm finding many responses of "oh, I saw you sent me that. didn't listen to it..yet..."

Feb 6th

Jeevan K

Thank you

Jan 29th

Jeevan K

Wow.. I've barely made it 5 minutes in, but wow.

Jan 26th

Jeevan K

Love this episode, Brandon

Jan 24th

Jacquie Hansen

OMG love this teaching.

Jan 20th
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