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Author: Allie Casazza

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Mom life: we’re surrounded with the message that it’s the tired life, the no-time-for-myself life, the HARD life.

And while it is hard and full of lots of servitude, the idea that motherhood means a joy-less life is something I’m passionate about putting a stop to.

I’m on a mission to help you stop counting down the minutes till bedtime (at least most days).

I want you to stop cleaning up after your kids’ childhood, and start being present for it - start enjoying it.

I believe in John 10:10, that we are called to abundant life, and I know mothers are NOT excluded from that promise.

Join me in conversations about simplicity, minimalism, and lots of other good stuff that leads to a life of less for the sake of enjoying more in motherhood.

I’m Allie Casazza, and this is The Purpose Show.
112 Episodes
Traveling with kids often means traveling with A LOT of stuff and A LOT of stress. But it doesn’t have to be that way and it certainly doesn’t have to be overwhelming! We travel as a family often which means we’ve “trial-ed and error-ed” many different things. From having a small suitcase for each kid to ways we keep our kids entertained on long flights or drives (and everything in between) I hope these tips help you find simplicity in traveling with your kids! At the end of the day, family trips are FUN and are meant to bring your family closer together. You can easily make this a terrible trip or you can make it the best experience! It is up to you- you are the parent. Your kids need grace. You need grace. Relax. Breathe. And try to have fun! Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
The one thing I don’t talk about is being a work-out-of-the-home mom. I just never did that, so I don’t want to teach what I don’t confidently know. But! Today’s a good day because my friend Kendra Hennessy has been in that position and is about to drop some serious truth bombs for you mamas! This episode is going to bring you a lot of hope and inspiration no matter what type of mom you are! Whether you are a mom who works from home or outside the home, get ready for really good conversation around finding the balance and harmony between work and family. Kendra and I talk about figuring out what fits your family best, discovering the values that are non negotiable, and finding ways to connect with each of your kids (because we all know, every kid is different and needs their mom in different ways!) There are fears, doubts, and misconceptions moms who work outside of the home face but at the end of the day we are all moms working to give our kids the best we can! Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
Style and clothing should make you feel good, right? It should make you feel confident and put together. But so many times we say “I don’t have time to pick out my outfits” or “I’ll just throw this on.” This leads to negative thinking about how we look and ultimately impacts how we feel. It doesn’t have to be this way! One of my biggest goals in life is to put an end to the mom-frumping thing! Just because you are a mama doesn’t mean you stop caring about yourself use it as an excuse to not care how you feel about your clothes. Getting dressed can be fun, simple and you can totally have a stellar style! Let’s dive in! Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
Let’s get honest for a moment … forming authentic friendships takes work! And forming those connections when your lifestyle is different takes even more work. Whether your lifestyle is different because something has happened to you in your life, like being widowed, or your lifestyle is different because you've chosen that lifestyle. I just want you to feel you're not alone. I hope you find comfort and joy in the lifestyle you have chosen. And I hope this episode helps you figure out to form real connections through it! Because I get it - It's hard to feel understood and hard to form authentic friendships because of what I do. But let’s take action together towards authentic friendships because we are in this together! Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
It’s no surprise that my favorite thing to talk about is decluttering! Clearing the clutter is simplifying your life and creating an atmosphere of less so that you can focus more on what you want to be focusing on and what actually matters to you. This comes in many forms - physical clutter and mental clutter, heart clutter, calendar clutter, physical health clutter - all of that. And in this episode, we are going back to the basics of decluttering your physical stuff. I am going to help you figure out exactly where you should start! Let’s dive in! Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
I love learning and growing! It is a big part of the conversations I have here on the show. One of the biggest things I think we all struggle with is taking action on what we learn and actually following through on it. There is power in taking action on the things we are reading, learning, and hearing. If you find yourself learning things but struggling to take action on what you are learning, I got you friend! This episode is for you and I am going to help you figure out how to take action!   Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
Multitasking may feel like you are getting a lot done, but when you really think about it, are you? Because, truthfully, we can’t show up in multiple places at once. We can’t show up for a workout, plan our calendar, and think about dinner at the same time. Maybe we can, but are we doing it well? Probably not. Multitasking can create this inner noise and feeling of things getting done in a rushed or hurried way. We need to show up well and be fully present in life instead of just letting it pass us by. This is something I am totally learning right now and I am excited to share the journey with you! Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
We all do it. We all over-complicate decision making because sometimes it is easier to not make a decision than to take action on a decision. But unmade decisions carry unnecessary weight and unwanted stress that shouldn’t have to carry. Some decisions cannot be made right away and need time, but whenever they can be made right away, just do it. Just get it done. Do what you have to do to come to a decision as quickly as possible - then you won’t have to carry that load any more! On the flip side, if you have a big decision to make I hope you find this episode helpful as I share how I process making decisions (and avoid over-complicating them!) Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
Can you believe it? 100 episodes! I am sending a big thank you with digital confetti to each of you for listening to The Purpose Show each week. It is because of you guys that I do this - because I believe in living with purpose, intentionality and in abundance for you! For the 100th episode of this show, I really wanted to get back to the root of why The Purpose Show exists - to live an abundant life. I want to dive deeper into what living abundantly actually means to Brian and I and what it looks like day-to-day for our family. The Purpose Show is built on John 10:10, which is our family verse, life verse, and business verse. It is all about the abundant life! It is a life that is void of needless excess and void of fluff. You can have this life too! Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
It’s part two of the “Ask Allie Anything About Business” episode and I am so excited to continue chatting all things business with you guys! I absolutely love talking about this. I'm very passionate about business and I think it's so important for people, especially women and mothers, to find a way to create revenue and income based on what they're passionate about. If you want to have something aside from your role as a mother and a wife, and that's a desire that you have, I think it's absolutely possible for you to create that without leaving the house, if that's what you want! I love helping people with that. It's what I did and it's what I help people do on the side. So let’s dive into part 2 of this Q&A! Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
Comments (27)

Missie Wiedman

I'm so excited to take these steps to turn my passion into a way to support my family! Thank you, Allie!!!

Mar 31st

Leanne Scott

Just listened to both episodes about business questions, loved it and feeling so inspired. Thank you!

Mar 30th

Jake Potter

I've never commented on a platform like this, but i have to. allie, I hope you read these comments. my name is Josoe. i dont follow allie or the purpose show religiously. just every now and then i will skim through and choose an episode that sounds applicable if the length is right for the chore I am doing. today i listened to episode 98 about PPD and parent/child disconnect and I .need. to say thank you. allie, thanks for being brave and vulnerable and real and raw. I, like so many others whom I am sure will also reach out, have struggled with this in my motherhood, too. thank you for reminding me that I am not alone, even when I feel isolated and deserted on my hopeless island, ugly crying on the bathroom floor. I hope you know you aren't alone either. that you aren't the only one who has felt infuriated at your 6 month old baby when they playfully sputter out their mouthful of peaches, or when they fuss louder, wanting to nurse one more time even though your nipples are still bleeding and your toes are still curled from their last failed latch attempt. thank you for validating feelings that I have recently been questioning. sometimes I wonder where I stop and where the depression begins, or where the anxiety stops and i begin. who can tell? i am recovering. i can only tell when i look back and hardly recognize who or where i was in my foggy memories. my healing is absolutely through the empowering, enabling Atonement of Jesus Christ. His open arms, and His love for me, exactly as I am, is unbelievable, but I am learning to trust it. It is so hard, but also effortless in a way. Some days I hit rock bottom and wonder whether it is worth the pain of clawing myself along the rocky shards, out of the cold, dirty pit. It is worth it. you are worth it. your sweet babes, and mine are worth it. I am worth it. And at the end of the sharp, arduous climb, I look up and see that I am not the one whose hands are pierced. i am not the One with great drops of blood sliding down my brow from the effort. He is. And I love Him. I love Him far beyond my limited ability with words. thanks for sharing something hard and inspiring. episode 98 is definitely the most meaningful podcast I have ever listened to. Thank you. love, Josie

Mar 21st

Leilah Jean

This is my go to podcast during my little guy's naptime! I don't know why I didnt start earlier during his naps. Can't wait to learn more from her! Thanks for doing what you do Allie!

Jan 9th

Jason x

Leilah Jean agreed

Feb 17th

Missie Wiedman

This episode and the mini course made a HUGE difference in our holidays this year! We kept it super simple and our little boys still had a blast! it also made for an easy move in the days after Christmas.

Jan 7th

Heidi Kaeb

I love this podcast and everything about Allie's mission! She is so relatable and down to earth. Her thoughts, ideas, and practical tips resonate with me and have helped me make big changes in my home and family. Thank you Allie!

Jan 1st

Samantha Matthew

I absolutely adore Allie and her clear yet super effective attitude to simplifying life....and isn't that what we all want into he end...a life that's so simple that we can enjoy the things we really love rather than get caught up in the chaos! thanks Allie for sharing your heart and your experience xx

Jan 1st

Jennifer Hatfield

I always love Allie, this episode is amazing with Bob Goff!

Dec 11th

Gabrielle Glenna

Allie, I just am so thankful for you and your encouragement! Thank you for all you do! May God bless your efforts!

Nov 28th

Katherine Hamar

just started listening about a week ago and I must say that I love how deeply you delve into the heart of motherhood and simplicity and how it interacts with our faith in Christ! Even in the wider world of minimalism, where people profess to be much deeper thinkers their tends to be a lot of shallowness and selfishness. From a mom who's only been a mom for 7 weeks, THANK YOU for helping me start my motherhood on a spiritually healthy path.

Nov 14th

Jillian Peace

allie is amazing! my life is being transformed!

Nov 3rd

Crystal Itterman

Loving your podcasts. Thank you so much! I feel like I have the tools and plan to make changes in my life now. I want to live with more intention and purpose.

Oct 30th

Samantha Touchie

This has really inspired me. I am a stay at home mom and lately I have been angry for no reason. I need to do this and really give myself this time! thank you for sharing!

Oct 14th

Lauren 714

I loved this episode! ♡

Sep 21st

Jason x

Lauren 714 me too

Feb 17th

kristy parten

re: the advert. I am so overwhelmed that I forgot about the class. is the replay in YUH?

Sep 7th

Noah Jo Hess

Hi! I am new to listening to podcasts. Thank you for taking time to do these! So helpful and motivating. Question... Where do I find the links you've mentioned?

Sep 6th

Jen Neufeld

love it! so much good wisdom for mom's who are struggling with motherhood.

Aug 23rd

Ashley Rattanasengchanh

I LOVED this episode!! I have been trying to think of ways to minimalize our home and as you were going through the different rooms I had so many ideas of things we could get rid of to declutter our home!

Aug 22nd

Lola Jarman

I wish everyone could here this ... all I do is expain or excuse my way through life.

Aug 2nd

Nichole Netherton

Allie, I have listened to all most all of your podcasts and God has absolutely used your message to change my life and make it so much better, but after listening to Possitive Words for Your Children, all the rest seems a little. . . smaller. This is the BIG message that will make a lasting impact on my life and sole and the lives and soles of my children, husband, and generations to come. This is the change I need to make. Thank you, with all of my heart! Thank God for you!

Jul 5th
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