Episode 97

Episode 97

Update: 2017-08-2055


Becoming a parent can be one of the most joy-filled experiences in one's life. It has been a long-standing tradition for friends, family and neighbors to all gather to celebrate this special experience with a baby shower. In the last decade or so, a new trend called "gender-reveal parties" has emerged for expectant parents to have another opportunity to celebrate. But when the celebration of a new life is suddenly visited by death, a new bundle of questions emerge.

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Danielle Guard

This was in my neck of the woods. This Cheyenne Willis is one messed up girl and this definitely wasn't her first time pretending to be pregnant.

Mar 4th

Augmented Reality

Not everyone is compliant with police due to prejudices or a general mistrust of authority and how law enforcement treat people of color or of socio econimc status. But this whole case sounds suspicious. Either they are complicit in this or they know who commited the shooting.

Dec 17th

Cynthia Osborne

911 operator: "And what did you eat for breakfast ma'am?"

Nov 24th

Dianna W

yeah 911 operators are often very frustrating

Sep 15th

Christie Gill

I'm a former EMD in Australia, there is very strict training and techniques used to calm and they use repetitive persistence etc, but some of those call takers have a terrible phone manner and an obvious lack of empathy. these calls could have been managed a lot better, even under these intense circumstances

Aug 27th

Bobby Nibbs

I came across a mini news report stating police found that several people at the party had connections with 3 different drug rings. So the shooting was not random at all.

Apr 4th

Nicholas Kreidberg

So wait a moment... The cops are going to wait for back up yet the EMS lady was willing to send the woman sitting in her back into the scene? That's incredibly strange to me.

Mar 8th

Kedar Dimble

We have to remember that 911 operators are trained to keep talking and show no emotions and compassion. This is to filter out fake calls. Their questions are also very to-the-script for the same reason. The script has been formed through research and is considered to be capable of making it easier for the operator to judge if the the call is fake or not. I know, it is frustrating to the caller and us listeners to hear how indifferent the operators are. But they are just doing their job, the way they are supposed to.

Nov 20th

Lari Elaine Nickens Richardson

Kedar Dimble I was just wondering about the 911 operators..thanks for the info! I find the 911 calls are frustrating for the listener..Me! Again..Thanks

Dec 31st

J Jones

J Jones but I'm glad you shared this information about the compassion level.

Nov 28th

Anthony Keene

Yeah, the 911 operator is a putz!!!!

Aug 28th


Anthony Keene Right! She doesn't listen to anything the caller is saying! The caller gives info. then the operator asks the exact thing caller just said!

Sep 5th

Alyssa Provan

the lack of compassion in the 911 operator's voice is just sad.. she sounds so bothered by the call like she was busy chatting up with a co-worker and the call interrupted or something.

Aug 21st
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Episode 97

Episode 97