DiscoverTeTe & EspressoGallup Poll - All-Stars - Absolutely Play favorites - Wednesday
Gallup Poll - All-Stars - Absolutely Play favorites - Wednesday

Gallup Poll - All-Stars - Absolutely Play favorites - Wednesday

Update: 2019-02-27


Hey now you’re an all-star (wickawicka) Hey now you’re an all-star (wickawicka) Hey now you’re an all-star (wickawicka)... Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. The people that are excelling at what they do, are talented, and thriving.

Unless of a tough life occurrence that might be affecting someone’s work, the person who is struggling could be better off doing something that are more talented in, as apposed to building what they are not naturally... When you have an all-star, spend more time and energy building that all-star. If your plan is to go to the moon, there is someone ready, right now to go there...aaand yes, this applies to all areas of yours, and their lives.

Notice the ones that are ready for your love. Notice the ones that are vulnerable. Notice the ones that are ready to take action on their goals. Notice the achiever. There she is! The shining example for the rest of us! How can I help her be even more great in her strengths? I have the best idea how!!...I will ask her what her strengths are, and how she believes I can best help her..Yes, that is what I’ll do....

Build people up... 3 more months..And it’s moving time for me. A life change. Is here.... To help the all-stars in the orphanages shine.

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Beware of your mental state - Life sucks - My life sucks - "Tribal Leadership."
Suicide and group violence is where these 2 stages call home..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a  CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This book, “Tribal Leadership” is awesome ...There are 5 stages....Stage 1 and 2, refers to the language we say out loud, which is an outer example of what the inner mind is thinking, feeling, and being aware of, that we use...And if we listen we can know where a person is in their lives. We have full faith in them. We know, that they can graduate up to stage 3...The book says that it takes 90 days to move from one stage to another. Knowing is not judging. It’s identifying so we can simple say...”Life does’t suck, your life sucks right now.... It doesn’t seem like much of a mental change, but it is. 90 days is a short amount of time to increase your happiness and peace...There is that one little rule though... You must want to change every day for 90 days. Doing the self forgiveness, reading the books, trying to meditate, finding a new group of people you are around, dealing with the uncomfortable feeling of being around these new people, because it is natural for any person to feel uncomfortable around many people who they are trying to enter that quote “better” mind frame. Sooooooo.... We want to change...You want to change...I want to change... It’s a choice..I forgive you for everything in your past. Now all you must do is forgive yourself. I believe in you so  
Communicate with the Universe - The End of Fantasy - Friday
( German accent) Yaaaa I vvvant you to stop zzzat nonsense right now. This is vreality..Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Your dream reality starts where your fantasy ends.Yes, wish upon a star...Then have faith in that wish...and start taking action towards your wish, like it is already happening...This is the practical approach to ending the “wishing, fantasizing, future date longing, anxious wanting...all of it... The reality of your dreams is in the action. Which can only happen in this current reality. It’s is how 2 people can have the same, “Wish,” and one goes to bed thanking the universe for 7 steps towards his or her dream..And the other person get’s on their knees at night to pray, makes another fantasy wish. Action, reality, action, dream life, end of fantasy, action, start to your dream life, action. Action and faith, faith in reality, reality brings your dream life, and the end of fantasy, is the beginning beauty of reality. Action is our connection our universe. Our universe loves action because it is a constant reminder of faith. We are “acting in faith.” That brings the universe sooooo much joy. Reality is where we can receive the continual happy support of the universe for our actions. 2 more month until I’m moving to the border to help the orphanages and foster homes. I have been ending fantasy for a year, to move towards the dream
100 Year Old's Advice - Material Things - Friday
Hey you, put that back on the shelf, what do you think you’re doing? You won’t leave this world with that (North English accent) …Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. This quote from a 100 year old says it…..“Don’t go crazy about amassing material things. Remember: you don’t know when your number is up, and you can’t take it with you to the next place.” …. Imagine taking the $1,000 you were going to spend on that item for your home…Imagine if you spent $100 on 10 people you love and did something very thoughtful for each of that..The ripple of water that would create in your life, would be so huge. And those 10 people would view you different forever. Them feeling those emotions forever means…you’re in heaven.I think about experiences to create, you think about experiences to create, we think about new experiences to create. We can live forever…. If we followed this system, once a year, for 10 years, of spending $100 of 10 people…100 people would support your life like you have never seen. or experienced. Maybe not even witnessed. Maybe not even on TV, or the movies..The creative process of planning that fun events of spending that money on surprising that person, is your payment. The after “Heaven” affect, is the cherry on the frosting.. mmmmmm but a fresh cherry. Not the typical sugar cherries..mmmm yeah…a bowl of fresh cherries….Mmmmmmmm.Live life fully today lovelies.
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Gallup Poll - All-Stars - Absolutely Play favorites - Wednesday

Gallup Poll - All-Stars - Absolutely Play favorites - Wednesday