DiscoverMind Love ♡ Modern MindfulnessGetting Unstuck and Becoming Limitless - 066
Getting Unstuck and Becoming Limitless - 066

Getting Unstuck and Becoming Limitless - 066

Update: 2019-02-1932


Episode 066: For years, I felt like I was coasting. I felt stuck.

All the books said I had to take a leap. I had make some risky moves and essentially start over to find something more fulfilling.

At the time, taking that leap sounded scarier than being in a miserable “stable” job.

So how did I get from stuck in the mud to leaping, arms flailing into my passion? How does anyone?

That’s what we’re talking about today.

Our guest today is Laura Gassner Otting. She teaches you how to ignore the rules that create your limits, align your energies and your actions, and do work that really matters so that you can live your best life. People call her “a kick in the ass surrounded by a warm hug,”… the only two I ever need, right? Laura brings both tough love and wisdom and will help you see what it really takes to get out of your own way and find success.

Today we will learn:

  • How we limit ourselves, and where those limits come from
  • The first steps to getting unstuck
  • How to make bold moves to accelerate your success

Show Notes:

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I needed to hear this episode right now

Mar 4th

Melissa Monte

Michelle I’m so glad 🥰

Mar 4th
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Releasing Shame - 068


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Breathwork to Control Energy and Manage Stress - 057
Ep 057: The human body is miraculous. It's easy to become discouraged with the rise of cancer and heart disease… but think about it. Most of the population barely moves their bodies, the products we use are full of toxic chemicals, the food we eat is processed with GMOs, sprayed with pesticides, and pumped with hormones and antibiotics... When you put in perspective how much your body has to fight off based on your current lifestyle, it’s a miracle we’re alive to see another day. And then, our body screams for help through symptoms and aches and pains and we cover it up with meds. So if our bodies can do all this for survival, constantly, what else is it capable of? Today we are furthering our work on breaking free of the mental matrix that is our medical system and getting into some biohacking. We’re learning about breathwork. Breathing is our life-force I’m beginning to realize that breathwork may be one of the most powerful things we can do to supercharge our strength, our health, and our life. The yogis have known for centuries what many of us are just figuring out now. Today we’re talking to Niraj Naik, aka the Renegade Pharmacist. While working as a pharmacist, he saw people taking bags of pills and always coming back for more, never getting better. He knew he had to do something different. After his own wake up call with a debilitating health concern, he changed his lifestyle, and now he makes holistic health and these powerful breathwork techniques accessible to all. Today we will learn: - How our breathing patterns are symbolic of our overall health - How we can control stress and our autonomic nervous system through the breath breath - A few powerful breathwork exercises you can do at home Show notes: more about your ad choices. Visit
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Ep 055: Relationships are deeply woven into our experience on this planet. From the day we are born, we’re completely dependent on someone else. You’ve probably heard that our relationships are mirrors. I’ve always thought of this as a way of saying: How you see other people is a reflection of how you see yourself. But at another angle, your relationships with other people are your opportunity to experience yourself and to grow. When you’re in it, the growth can be hard to see. It’s actually most often in hindsight that we realize what we learned. But the more you shift your mindset to awareness in your relationships, you start to experience it in real time. Our guest today is Bryanna Dee and she understands what it feels like to let her relationships define her life. From a difficult childhood and a complicated relationship with her parents, to traumatic breakup. She was so concerned with trying to be the person she thought she was supposed to be that she was totally disconnected from herself, and as a result, also from others. Eventually through allowing herself to be seen and seeing herself through a new lens, she began to discover who she really is. The more connected she became to herself, the more comfortable she became opening up to others and the more connected she became with everything else in the world. Today we will learn: - How to go from losing yourself to finding yourself in relationships - How to approach relationships for your growth - How to have compassion even when you don’t understand someone Show Notes: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Courage, Collaboration and Showing Up - 052
Ep 052: When we’re young, we tend to think the path to success is straight and clear. We get good grades, maybe go to a good college, get a good job and slowly work our way up the corporate ladder. But in reality, life is full of twists and turns. What we’re doing now may not even be in the same category as the legacy we eventually leave. If you would have told me in high school that in 15 years I would be the host of a podcast helping people to realize the power of their mindsets, I would have been flattered but pretty sure you had the wrong girl. I’ve always viewed my path as sort of random and all over the place, but just in crafting this episode actually, I realized how this experience perfectly laid the path to what I’m creating now. And now it’s getting easier. The ups and downs, the age and experience… even the traumas, and the work I’ve put into my life are all straightening out my path. It doesn’t seem quite all over the board. But it is interesting that even before when I honestly had no idea what my purpose was and still somehow there’s this perfect little breadcrumb trail of the value I can offer right now. Our guest today understands this completely. Jessica Honegger has done everything from midwifery in Bolivia, to getting a Masters in Education, to flipping homes in Austin, Texas. It’s only in reflecting back does she see the common thread… which was a desire to find way s to create meaningful opportunity for others. During a trip to Kenya in her teens she first saw the effects of global poverty. That trip ignited the first sparks of the desire to help people with less privilege than us. After having two kids, she decided to extend her family by adopting a boy from Rwanda. But she didn’t have the money. She’ll tell you all the details but basically what began as an idea to make some extra cash to adopt a child turned into a $17 million global business empowering women. Today we will learn: - How to overcome fear and go in scared - The power of collaboration - How to multiply your ideas with an invisible counsel Show Notes: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Getting Unstuck and Becoming Limitless - 066

Getting Unstuck and Becoming Limitless - 066

Melissa Monte | Mindset Mentor