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Sunday Special Ep 35: Lewis Howes

Sunday Special Ep 35: Lewis Howes

Update: 2019-01-2723


Lewis Howes, a former pro-athlete, best selling author, and host of the wildly popular "The School of Greatness" podcast, joins Ben to discuss sports, politics, lifestyle advice, and the best way to handle criticism.

Date: 01-27-2019
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Da. Blues

Great show. Every week you have people worth listening to. Every week a subject, topic or even just a phrase is brought out that resonates at some level with me. I must say I'm very happy with these Sunday shows. I was a bit skeptical you'd be able to tame the beast and not interject more, especially when you disagree. You do such a good job of asking a question, letting people answer and expand, following up if need be then just moving on to the next question without feeling the need to express your view on every topic. Sometimes I don't know if you agree or not and that's terrific. It allows free thinking by digesting the answers through the guests own words free of influence. (Most times) I find myself really looking forward to these. I've never heard of Mr. Homes before today. A strong mind doing good things. The 1 in 6 stat he mentioned is startling. What kind of evil demon monkey can do these things to a freaking 5 year old? A quick death is too good for anyone like that. G-d bless you Lewis Homes. I'm glad you've been able to use that experience to ultimately achieve a positive result. Stay in the fight!

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Sunday Special Ep 35: Lewis Howes

Sunday Special Ep 35: Lewis Howes

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