DiscoverTrump, Inc.The Mysterious Loan Trump Made to Himself and More
The Mysterious Loan Trump Made to Himself and More

The Mysterious Loan Trump Made to Himself and More

Update: 2018-02-2814


Listeners have been sending us lots of questions about President Trump and his businesses. So we sat down with one of the best in the business to answer them. The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold has been digging into Trump for nearly two years. And he’s involved readers from the get-go.

Among the questions Fahrenthold takes on: How much money has the government spent on Trump properties? How much does it cost taxpayers and does Trump profit when he visits Mar-a-Lago? And who is Trump literally indebted to?

Fahrenthold also has his own question for listeners. He’s been looking into Trump’s debts and one loan in particularly piqued his interest: Trump has disclosed at least a $50 million loan from something called “Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC.” And according to Fahrenthold, it turns out Trump also owns that entity. Now, there can be a perfectly good explanation for why Trump would lend money to himself, but he should then also disclose the loan as an asset and Trump didn’t.

Fahrenthold wants to know more about “Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC.” (To get started, check out this Mother Jones story.) You can email Fahrenthold or reach us through our tip line. We’ll pass along the message, promise.

We also have our own request: Did you have any involvement in Washington, D.C.’s most expensive party ever? Yes, we’re talking about President Trump’s Inauguration.  Perhaps you worked at it? Or attended the Candlelight Dinner? We want to hear from you.


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Nonya Bizness

i don't know if the podcast producers read these comments, but since you report that technically, the president can give his permission to for private entities to use (and profit from) the presidential seal, and that he has apparently given only one private entity, the trump org, that permission, i say we inundate the president with requests to use the seal. a bar, a barber shop, a band, birthday parties, bed and breakfast decor, etc... if the sole permission for AMERICA'S presidential seal to be used for profit by a private company goes to trump org, we have clear evidence that trump is, at minimum, using the office of the president to pillage the american people.

Mar 24th

Victoria Green

excellent reporting! keep up the good work

May 7th








The Mysterious Loan Trump Made to Himself and More

The Mysterious Loan Trump Made to Himself and More

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