DiscoverThe Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life BalanceTop 20 Must Watch Documentaries - 379
Top 20 Must Watch Documentaries - 379

Top 20 Must Watch Documentaries - 379

Update: 2019-02-064


This episode is a little different. But due to many requests, Chalene shares her top 20 must watch documentaries. This is Chalene’s favorite way to bond with her husband and kids as a family… by watching documentaries and absorbing new knowledge and perspectives on the real world. You may just have to create a documentary bucket list for 2019 with all of these favorites Chalene shares.
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Documentaries mentioned in this episode:(Top 10 to Rent on Amazon)
  1. RBG 
  2. The Dawn Wall
  3. 3 Identical Strangers
  4. Eating You Alive 
  5. Abducted in Plain Sight
  6. Transformer
  7. Won’t You Be My Neighbor
  8. Heal
  9. Alive Inside
  10.  Wolf Pack 

(Top Ten Found on Netflix)
  1. The Frye Festival 
  2. American Meme
  3. Pet Fooled 
  4. Magic Pill
  5. Root Cause
  6. Gaga: Five Foot Two
  7. Making of a Murderer: Part 2 
  8. The Staircase
  9. The Keepers
  10.  Thin Blue Line

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Top 20 Must Watch Documentaries - 379

Top 20 Must Watch Documentaries - 379

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